Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's not fun anymore....

OK...I'm over it.
I'm ready to be done and have this baby. The contractions are so sparatic.
I'm uncomfortable 24/7.
My feet...oh my feet.
They've taken the name of "elephant feet." Even Old Navy flip flops are too tight across the top because of how swollen my feet are.

That's just not right, not human.

There's no ankle crease anymore...well there is, but it's almost a permanent indentation in the swollen mass.

It takes 3 men and a suction cup to roll over at night. Poor Dan...he gets about 6 inches of the bed and I can't even be comfortable in the rest.
Breathing sounds like a horse...
Heartrate up with all of it.

The baby has dropped to the point to where it feels like it's just going to fall out

...I wish it would.

If nothing happens between now and 445 tomorrow, we'll know something:

An induction
a scheduled c-section....