Friday, August 22, 2008

It's ALMOST like having a 2nd child.

Jackson became a big brother Wednesday August 13th at 15:07. He had a little sister named Kymberlin Opal. She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz ( a small baby for me) and is 20 inches long.

We ALMOST have a 2nd child as she's been hanging out in the NICU since she was born. My darling daghter thought it might be fun to gulp amneotic fluid as she was being taken out by the doctors. That became a problem with her lungs which also brought on some reflux leading to a few small heart rate drops.

I had no clue of what was going on until my pediatrician called me while I was in recovery letting me know that he couldn't get there right away and that one of the neonatologists would be checking her. To be completly honest, I still really had no idea until the doctor came up to my room about 8pm that night as to what was happening to my daughter.

So it's ALMOST like having a 2nd child. I have the pain pills and second beginnings of a scar to prove I birthed a child. I have all of those things that they DON'T tell you that happens after childbirth, but I won't go into the yucky details. Somehow, I just don't have a child at home and I'm sleeping through the night.

Kymberlin is expected to come home Monday. I can't wait!! She'll be sleeping on a wedge for a little bit longer to help with the reflux/heart issue, but she'll be home. I'm excited to see how her big brother reacts as the only time he has seen her is when daddy carried her out of the OR.

Monday will be just as special as last Wednesday was for me. It will be an emoitional day I'm sure.

Friday, August 08, 2008

5 Days!!!'s almost here! In less than a week I will have 2 children! I can hardly beleive it.

It's much different this time. While we are totally excited to be parents again, there's not the anxiouness that there was with Jackson. I'm sure part of it is because there is a scheduled section too. That helps.

I really think Jackson is going to do pretty well with the transition to being a big brother. I'm excited to see his reaction when he comes to the hospital with Grammie and Papa.

In other nrews, I need to get a card done (TODAY) to submit for the Cricut Demonstrator. I'm not a big card maker, so I've been stressing about it. I really just need to get it done and over with.

Once it's done and submitted I will post it here for everyone to see!