Friday, August 08, 2008

5 Days!!!'s almost here! In less than a week I will have 2 children! I can hardly beleive it.

It's much different this time. While we are totally excited to be parents again, there's not the anxiouness that there was with Jackson. I'm sure part of it is because there is a scheduled section too. That helps.

I really think Jackson is going to do pretty well with the transition to being a big brother. I'm excited to see his reaction when he comes to the hospital with Grammie and Papa.

In other nrews, I need to get a card done (TODAY) to submit for the Cricut Demonstrator. I'm not a big card maker, so I've been stressing about it. I really just need to get it done and over with.

Once it's done and submitted I will post it here for everyone to see!

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Amy said...

So waiting patiently for news. Hope all is doing well and can not wait for news! Till then, take care of yourself and your little one-