Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurry up!!! Post!!

Heh...well, I'm totally slacking in the posting arena. Good thing that since I said twice a week I still have more than 2 days left in this week.

Not a whole lot on the bedrest front. Go back to the dr. today to make sure everything is still fine and see how big this kiddo is getting. I may have to take a detour to M's and/or HL. I'm also tossing around the idea of running into FFT and stopping at Memories Ala Mode. That'll really depend on timing and how I feel though.

Besides, I need to get home and pick up a little bit as the in-laws are coming into town with my boy!!! I can't wait to see him! It seems as if he grows a foot each week that he's gone....and this time it's been 2 weeks.

We're down to 19 days!! It's going to be no time whatsoever. So far, yet so close. I can't wait though! Not to mention, I know Jackson is going to be a GREAT big brother.

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Sam! said...

I can't wait until I get to be the cousin that's actually IN your lives!!! YAY!!!
I move on the 10th and will HOPEFULLY be able to be there when the new baby comes! :D

I miss you so much.