Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For those that stop by often, I'm giving my little place a facelift. It's about time really!

I'll add some more pictures of the kiddos....change some other things around, and make it a little more "me". So check back as since I don't have a job and I'm getting bored during nap time, it should change quite a bit.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Stay Away from Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY...

and here's the letter I sent to them as to why:

"It is a shame that Central Baptist doesn't care about the well-being of its patients. Today I put a check in the mail of a small amount towards my bill. I happened to receive a call today as well from your company that is contracted to do billing. I informed them that I put a check in the mail this morning. When asked how much it was for, I was informed that it wasn't enough and that my account would still go to collections because I was "under the limit" of what could be accepted. It's not really my fault that due to FMLA I lost my job after I was in your hospital. I filled out financial assistance, but was told when I called that it couldn't be redone to figure in the fact that I now had no job and my bill was my bill. Any other hospital in the area at least lets a payment be a payment regardless of the size and keeps the bill out of collections. I know this as the job I lost was in the financial area of one of the aforementioned hospitals.

So now, here is a patient with a brand new baby, lost her job and is barely scraping by on the income her husband has and it doesn't matter. I can't pay what you want me to when you want me to so you'll send my bill to collections to further hurt my well-being (credit) in the future.

We don't qualify for government help because we make too much, but we can't pay our bills because we don't make enough.

I will be passing on the information of my treatment in these regards to any and everyone I know. Our family will no longer be using the facility which is a shame as there are several staff members who do everything they can to make your stay as comfortable as it can be while you are there. Unfortunately, they don't know the company that they really work for."

You need to know how they really feel about their patients....they don't feel anything.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New LO and a suprise!

I just finished this LO this morning! I'm pretty proud of it. Not very complicated, but one more done for our Disney Vacation 2007 album.

And for the surprise!

I went to open the door to let Jackson out of his room from his nap and he was standing there STARK naked! I was totally shocked. I asked him where his diaper was and he pointed over to his bed and then went and got it.....Time to start potty training maybe?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Wii for Dan.

Ok guys....

Dan has been a saint with everything I put him through! I'm trying to get a Wii for him. You know, his 30th Birthday is just over a month away. If yall could please just fill out one offer on the following link I'd be thrilled.

By the way, once you do so, you'll be given a reference number yourself to work on getting one for free!

Thanks so much I appreciate it!!

Click here to help get Dan a Wii for his birthday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

An update of sorts...

Well, yes, she came home when we thought she would! My has it been a transition to have 2 small children 17 months apart. It's been great though.

Kymberlin is doing extremly well. Her dr. is VERY pleased with her growth. As of Monday she was up to 8 lbs and 10 oz. That is a growth of 15 oz. in 10 days!

I'll have more pictures to come later.

In other news:
I've been meaning to put this out there for a while. I have 3 sites that offer free things. The free offers are gift cards, savings bonds and pictures. The only thing you pay on any of them is dirt cheap shipping on the pictures. If you'd like me to send you the link for any or all of the three make a comment with your email address in it please! (If you don't want your email posted, please let me know in your comment as I moderate all comments)

Ok, so my real other news.....don't get sick if you work for a hospital! Reader's Digest version: I don't qualify for FMLA. Because I was on bedrest for 2 months before Kymberlin was born plus what would be the 6 weeks after, I no longer have a job.

Don't fret, we have found something that we are trying out to see if we can handle it as a family and I can stay home!

Ok, it's late and I really need to try and get some sleep!