Thursday, September 27, 2007

William Tell Overture for Moms

I love it. Really I do. There are times I'm sick of the fussing ALL day, but I still love it. It's fun. It's rewarding. There's not a better job anywhere.

However, I know my days like this are to come.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ATT Customer Service

We all have had horrible experiences with customer service be it for one company or another. However yesterday, I had a rockin' customer service day.

Dan and I had been discussing direct tv as we are in the stone age and don't have cable. Well the internet choice bundling wouldn't give me an idea of what I wanted. So I called just to see what the price was. Boy am I glad I called!

They haven't been telling anyone, but if you were a Bell South customer call and ask about being 'switched' to ATT's plans. Why? Because for a flat rate of $25 you get your local as well as Unlimited long distance. (need it having an at home business and a cell phone with a different area code). That happens to be cheaper than Bell South's rates with NO long distance. So for switching that over we got a $50 rebate. Well, then I ask about bundling bills. By bundling our (already bundled) internet, we got another $30 rebate. Ok, DUH! She then informs me that for one price I get that phone plan, faster internet and direct tv AND another $50 rebate.

So now I'm up to $130 in rebates. I go on and ask more detailed questions about the direct tv and cost and what extra is going to be added to our bill. Sometimes I ask her to repeat it so that I make sure it's noted in our account. I start asking questions about DVR...well that's a free upgrade with no monthly charge. Ok, add it to my order please! I double check with her again to make sure nothing is going to be added to my bill each month and she lets me know that nothing other than the state taxes. Okay. fine. I restate it again just to make sure that I heard her correctly and to make sure there is record of it.

After I am done speaking with her, she transfers me to wireless as I have a few questions for them.

I had been getting messages from the company saying I was eligible for a phone upgrade. yay! Everytime I went into the store though, they are like the free phone is this and proceed to show me the old know the one. So I thought I'd look online. Well, I found one that I wanted and it's pink!! I add it to my cart and it says "total due today: 0.00 **" Well I saw the astricks and that's what I was wanting to ask about.

So I talk to the guy about what it all meant and he said there is an $18.00 upgrade fee. That's dumb. I've been a customer, with this phone, never having a late bill since I was 19 years old. We're both looking at my account at the same time. I mention the "fee waived" part that I had just noticed on the bill. He checks and sure enough it was so I pay nothing....not even shipping. Yay so now I have a free phone!

But wait, there's more! (man that sounds like a RonCo commercial)

Being a Mary Kay consultant, I knew I was eligible for another discount. So I ask about that and what I need to do in order to receive it. He tells me. I do it and call back. So now, I have a discount on my cell bill. Here's the kicker. By adding the direct TV and taking the discount off my phone. We are spending the SAME amount of money each month.

So as of today, I like ATT customer service. We'll see how much I still like them between 12 and 4 on Friday afternoon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


No we're not moving...not yet anyway, but Jackson is. Sunday he started crawling. So far he has 2 favorite spots to crawl to and try to play. First, he enjoys the VCR (yes, we still have one) with the portible DVD player on top of it. His second favorite spot is my Mary Kay discount basket. I guess he likes the bright colors.

The thing that I really love about his age right now is he LOVES to give me kisses. Sure I have more slobber than a lick from a Saint Bernard would give me, but I love his kisses. You never know when they are coming, but he grabs my cheeks with both hands and just lays them on me.

Other than that, I've been working and getting ready for vacation. Everyday when Dan comes home from work he gives me the offical count down; both in days until we leave, but also how many more days he has to work between now and then. So what are the numbers?? 14 and 7.5 I'm so ready for this vacation. We'll be celebrating a lot while we are there: 3 birthdays, 2 anniversaries and several first-timers to Disney. Dan thinks I haven't done anything for his birthday. Little does he know that there is a cake coming out for him while we are dining with Goofy. My in-laws are also in the dark in regards to their anniversary. This year will be there 42nd one. Dinner that the Coral Reef restaraunt will be so suprising for them when the divers swim by holding a banner that says, "Happy Anniversary Grammie and Papa" I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but they aren't necessarily for public notation or day time television. Then again, Dan and I are celebrating our anniversary too....

Anyhow, Jackson and I will be off to Richmond later this afternoon. Mom to work; Jackson to chill with Aunt Neen. All should be fun!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ready for a Slow Down.

We've gone non-stop for weeks it feels like. It's been a relativly good busy, but non-stop none the less.

Friday after WW we went to the mall for lunch with my SIL, nephew and a friend. We walked around for a bit and I got 2 new pair of shoes!! :) Aftwerwards, we went over to my SIL's to go swimming. I think we were in the pool for about 3 hours. Since it was after 5 at that point we stayed for dinner which turned into a game of Rummikub.

Saturday we slept in...some of us more than others. Then we went for some fine dining at the Golden Corral. YUMMY! Steak and eggs for breakfast! I was very good with my choices. Not one bisquit or drop of gravy. I really didn't crave it either. Next, we came home and everyone took a nap. Mine happened to be about 3 hours long. Once we got up and ate lunch, we had to clean the house as we had life group at our house that evening.

Sunday we had to wake Jackson up for church. Then we went out and got some groceries for my SIL and had lunch at her place. We left there only to run home for a couple of seconds while I grabbed the birthday gift for the party we were attending. Once home fromt he party it was off to bed for Jackson and then dinner and Big Brother for mom and dad.

So yeah, I'm ready for a slow down.

In other news, I received a phone call today from my dr. Bloodclot is gone!!!

Jackson had his 6 mos. check up. Developmentally he is ahead of at least 90% of kids his age! What momma wouldn't be proud of that?! Physically he is in the 95% for height and 60% for weight. Tall, skinny kid.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


For some reason, the routine's of this household are on my mind this morning. I guess maybe it's because I'm missing a part of my morning routine. Really bad. It's amaxing to me how one minor thing can change an person's routine in a huge way. The hardest part of that is figuring out what to do to "fill in the gap" and put the part of your routine that you had to take out for one reason or another into a different part of the daily routine.

Change isn't easy for most, yet it's the only constant in life. Change with a baby is even more difficult. When the littlest member of the household gets off routine it takes a week or so to get back into one. However, for me at least, I usually don't have a week where what's routine is the same every day. It may be the same on Mondays or Thursdays, but not the whole week.

I can give Jackson credit though. When we go on vacation in 29 days and he is completly off routine, he shouldn't be too bad fussy or anything.

However, he is fussing; ready to get up. Just like his normal morning routine.