Friday, July 21, 2006


On Monday it always seems as if Friday will never be here. However, the next thing I know it is! Week after week after week I feel like this. While Dan and I are childless we will have a special "tradition" on Fridays. I take him lunch at work and hang out for a little bit. It's always a good time! That will be the plan again today!!

In other news....well, I'm not really sure that there is other news. It's been the same as usual..with an exception. I have an AWESOME business and God is ALWAYS faithful. I had a bill that was due yesterday and didn't have the $$ for it. (bad Katy) Well I had a facial. While at my facial another woman walked in and placed an order right then and there. That part that I earned yesterday was what I needed to pay the bill. How awesome is that?!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The past and facebook

I really try not to dwell on the past in the fact of sitting and thinking "if only I had said that" or "if only I had done it that way." I do look back at my past and try to figure out what I was supposed to get out of it or why that particular person was in my past at that time of my life. Then I start to wonder about others. Kind of a "where are they now" thing.
Thus came the introduction of Facebook into my life. Catch up with those that you called friends in high school or even the kid that moved 17 times in and out of your elementary school. The girl that was so smart and dropped out of college or the big athlete who is an alcoholic now. It's amazing to me how much people can change in a 5 year time span. Going from 18 to 23 may not be a huge difference in age, but the difference in life and maturity is enormous. Those people that swore would be your friends forever you don't even associate with the same type of people anymore. Then there are those that you swore you'd never be and or hang out with and well, look in the mirror.
After a while what's cool doesn't really matter anymore.

Monday, July 17, 2006

86 Days

86 days from today I'll be married!!!! I can't wait!!

Saturday we went out and had a great morning. Went out to breakfast together and then went and test drove a Vibe since that's what I'll be getting. After that we decided to go to Lexington to look at cars. We'd been talking about his car and such and what to do after the mustang. So went and were just looking.....until we were at our 3rd dealer for the day and he test drove a Mazda 6. He LOVED it. Well, we headed back home as I needed to go to work. All the way crunching numbers and such. He asked what I thought and I said if they give us enough trade it and the payment is at a certain place fine. He still wasn't sure if he was evn going to go back. Well, I get home and there are messages from him on my cell to get our nephew as he is still at the dealer. When he got home.....he had a new car with him. LOVE IT!!

That was our little treat for the weekend....well, don't know how little it is, but it's time. The mustang served it's purpose. Plus there's room in the backseat.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday??....already???

Where does the time go?? I swear it was just Monday. Sure I got a lot of stuff completed AND I've worked my tail off, but still I feel like there is so much to do still this week. I guess I need to look at my 168 hours and figure out where they are going. Even big shots and world leaders have the same 168 hours.

This weekend is actually going to be a bit relaxing.....I hope. I think we're watching Caleb for a bit. We're going to test drive a red vibe (since that's what I'll be getting....FREE!!!!) I received a voicemail from my director that said, "When you are test driving it leave me a voicecom about how it smells, drives'll be powerful." It will be. It's going to be that extra edge that I need.

Other than that....s.o.s. around here.

Oh and BTW..... "" user out of Lexington....CHILL! I'm lucky to update this once a day.....let alone 5 or 6 or 7 times a day.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Starting fresh....

Monday is a good day to start/re-do/re-arrange things. That's what I'm all about today.

Dan and I are trying a new thing that'll help me when it comes to business stuff. Last night we sat down together and wrote out a 2 week menu and chore sheet. Being the teacher that I am it is now color coded and everything. I think it is really going to help the both of us so we know what's going on. It helps us when it comes to scheduling things as well as what groceries we need. I'm excited about it....he kind of is too.

Starting with a blank calendar today too. That's kind of nice to look at the things that we know are going on this week and put them down on paper. It's going to be a great week....I just know it is!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Frustrated like no other

Today was wonderful..untilI got home. Today was one of my best friend's wedding. It was wonderful. Her make up looked great! (I did it.) We got lost on the way to the receoption because downtown Lexington sucks.

Well we left early as Dan's parents, sister, nephew, brother and sister-in-law were coming over to our house for dinner. We get home and no one is there. So we call his mom to see what was going on and firgured they'd be on their way. NO....NOT the case. They decided to come over earlier so his brother and sister-in-law could get back home. We were told they were coming over and would wait for us to get home before eating or anything.

NOT ONCE was anything mentioned prior to our phone call that plans had changed. I HATE when people do that. Especially when it's our house being used and when they knew we would be leaving something early to get back. It pisses me off to no end. Have some consideration people.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Make friends with you banker....

If there's one thing I've learned in life when dealing with customer service is to start off nice. If you still aren't getting what you want/need/deserve that's when you turn into bitch mode. Thankfully I didn't have to go into bitch mode today with 5/3. They reversed the fees and reconnected my debit card. It was their mistake and they made it right....Praise the Lord. Honestly, I hate it when I have to bust out the fact that I'm a redhead and need to be a bitch. I really do.

On my mind....

I'd really love to post about the busy, yet wonderful events of the weekend, but that's not what's weighing heavy on my mind.

It's car dealers and banks.
I took Dan's car in nearly 3 weeks ago to find out why the engine light was showing up on the dash. I was informed after sitting in the waiting room that they didn't have the part but it was ok to drive it. They went on to say, we'll call you when the part gets here...and yes it is covered by the warranty. Well it had better be.
After all this time no phone calls had been made in our direction. Keeping my cool, I call them on Wednesday. "Oh yeah, the part is here..... When can you bring it in??" Trying to keep my cool I explain that Thrusday morning will work just fine. (especially since my in-laws are in town and they are able to follow me, take me home and then get me when it's done) So at 9am yesterday I take the car in...."Mrs. Masino it'll be done in about 2 hours....we'll give you a call" Yeah right, I think.
So mom, dad, Caleb and I go out to breakfast and head to the park for a while. We come home and still nothing so about 1230 I give them a call. "Oh yeah, the black mustang.....well after that was replaced there was still something wrong so we're going on and changing and fixing things." I was told 2 hours. "well yes ma'am it was 2 hours for that part and now it's more for the rest of it." I hang up the phone pissed. Sure I want the car to be fixed and all, but it's a bit on the illegal side to do any more work than was originally 'contracted' with at least an oral agreement.
Mom and dad take Caleb home and I chill out for a while. Dan calls at his honey, I've not heard anything let me call again and then I'll call you back. It's now 315.
"Mrs. Masino...we're going to have to get you a rental car so we can keep your car and work on it some more." I kindly say, "this is covered by our warranty....right?" He says yes. So now I have an extended cap Chevy Silverado in the driveway that I'm really digging right now.

Well the bank comes in on a whole different level. I realized that I had a bill aft from my account that I had forgotten about so I took $$ to the ATM to deposit it yesterday morning. I put my ATM card in there and it says checking account not found, please call. I call. They say well, your account is overdrawn. I'm like I know, that's why I'm at the bank trying to put in this cash (which is supposed to be available same day) She says well the bank has disconnected that debit card. Did I EVER receive a phone call, note, fire signal, anything about this??? NO. I thank her and inform her that I will be closing all my accounts with 5/3.
So I go and deposit the $$ in my other account and transfer it. (This was before the bank was open so I HAD to go to the ATM and couldn't close the accounts yesterday)
Well when we got home from the park yesterday there was a message from the bank at home wanting me to call. I call and of course she's not available and doesn't call me back yesterday.
This morning I check everything and I'm charged for overdraft!!! I'm like WTF. So when the branch at home opens they will be getting a phone call from one pissed off redhead......and EVERYONE knows not to piss off a redhead.

So that's what's on my mind today....that and the fact it's Friday and Dan is off at 330 today!

Have a happy day!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

SO I just realized.....

that I don't update very well right now. It's probably due to the fact that I'm working like crazy, preparing to be a "Stay At Home Wife/Aunt" and planning a wedding. Does that make a person busy?? Sometimes....but then again, there are days that it's the most boring, mundane 'job' ever. I think all jobs are like that and those days are a rareity.

I love when my sister sits down and let her pen speak. I found something this morning and want to share it.

sometimes my stomach aches with empty. and i like that feeling, to be true. sometimes it feels much better than satisfied. or too full. sometimes i'm unconcsious of rhyme.i just want to write and sometimes it comes out.
and sometimes my nose runs and i have to sniffle and snuffle a lot. and sometimes my feet get cold and i have dry skin. but that's better than no feet at all. and sometimes i forget what i'm writing and what i'm saying... and i forget who called and who i told i would call back and i forget my assignments and i forget people who are important to me and i forget to feed my fish and i forget to call home and i forget to say thank you and i forget i forget i forget. i'm certainly no elephant.
sometimes i like when my hair is messy. sometimes i like to dress up. sometimes. sometimes i wish my hair would grow over night and it would be back to where it was. and sometimes i'm happy that it's short and growing slowly. sometimes i feel like a mooch. mostly because i hardly ever have money for things. and sometimes i realize that people really do want to help me. but sometimes not. and sometimes i pride myself in reading and sometimes i get mad at myself for not. and sometimes i'm messy sometimes i'm clean. and sometimes i'm just janine.
but mostly i eat when i'm hungryand mostly i make my bed and clean the roomand mostly my hair really is messy. and mostly i like what's in my head and mostly i'm considerate of the people around me. i think. and mostly i forget.
sometimes i remember.

mostly. i forget

There you have it original Janine.