Saturday, July 08, 2006

Frustrated like no other

Today was wonderful..untilI got home. Today was one of my best friend's wedding. It was wonderful. Her make up looked great! (I did it.) We got lost on the way to the receoption because downtown Lexington sucks.

Well we left early as Dan's parents, sister, nephew, brother and sister-in-law were coming over to our house for dinner. We get home and no one is there. So we call his mom to see what was going on and firgured they'd be on their way. NO....NOT the case. They decided to come over earlier so his brother and sister-in-law could get back home. We were told they were coming over and would wait for us to get home before eating or anything.

NOT ONCE was anything mentioned prior to our phone call that plans had changed. I HATE when people do that. Especially when it's our house being used and when they knew we would be leaving something early to get back. It pisses me off to no end. Have some consideration people.

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