Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The past and facebook

I really try not to dwell on the past in the fact of sitting and thinking "if only I had said that" or "if only I had done it that way." I do look back at my past and try to figure out what I was supposed to get out of it or why that particular person was in my past at that time of my life. Then I start to wonder about others. Kind of a "where are they now" thing.
Thus came the introduction of Facebook into my life. Catch up with those that you called friends in high school or even the kid that moved 17 times in and out of your elementary school. The girl that was so smart and dropped out of college or the big athlete who is an alcoholic now. It's amazing to me how much people can change in a 5 year time span. Going from 18 to 23 may not be a huge difference in age, but the difference in life and maturity is enormous. Those people that swore would be your friends forever you don't even associate with the same type of people anymore. Then there are those that you swore you'd never be and or hang out with and well, look in the mirror.
After a while what's cool doesn't really matter anymore.

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