Thursday, August 31, 2006


My views on the subject at hand have definatly come full circle.

Growing up we had just about any alcohol at hand. I knew right where it was; the kegerator in the garage and the hard stuff underneath the island in the kitchen. Did I touch it?? Hell no. Did I even consider it??? not once.

I'm not going to lie, I still to this day belive that if you are old enough to die for your country then you are old enough to drink a beer. Unfortunatly, Americans are dumb and can't handle some freedoms.

With that belief, Not once did I drink in high school, after turning 18 and after the beginning of the first hell I went though called my parents divorce. Maybe it's because I was one of the handful of honest peer counselors who respected the contract I had signed. Didn't even have a drink of real champagne at a wedding the summer in between my jr. and sr. year due to that contract.

Then there was college. I was the DD....until I started dating a cop. It all went downhill from there. Headline reads, "Cop buys drinks for underaged fiance." I used to rag him about how ironic it was. His reply, "If you are in your own house and not planning on going anywhere, it's okay." Drank a few a champion. Started drinking with some a champion. Sneaked alcohol into the a champion. Then there was the break up...didn't eat for several days going into weeks let alone drink anything.

So we move on, I'm over legal age now. I start going to the bars with intention to have a couple and hang out/dance with some friends. Then I celebrate other people's 21st. BAD idea. Mine sucked as they always find out from someone other than me, and you'd think it's mine. Beyond a drunken stouper in Columbus I puke for the first time from my cousin's bed. Woke up the next morning with NO hangover. This is great I'm thinking.....except the throwing up part.

The next summer I start going to the bar with my mom. Who does that?? I do. The friends there become my friends. After a conversation one night a friend tells me how she tried to do Tracy Byrd's "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo" made it to 8 and puked her guts out right then and there. I told her I'd take her on....and I did. After number 10 I was still dancing, in my heels. Slammed a couple White Castle sliders on the way home and went to bed.

Here I am, 23 years old, getting married in 6 weeks and I rarely touch the stuff. Probably because I'm marrying a man who never has touched it. I don't care about having another drink. My choice.

Why bring this up??? Facebook has done it again and made me think. Yes, I have pictures of me with the headshot that I did. One Time. However, I see the pictures of people, even former peer couselors, proudly proclaiming and showing off their drinks. It's not that it bothers me they drink. I prolly still would if I weren't in my current circumstances. (and yes I have had a beer or two in front of Dan, just not as regular as I used to) I guess I'm just a lot more cautious about proudly announcing things where my employers could be looking. It also shocks me to see what people do, yes even on their own time, given different professions they may be holding. I guess if there's one thing I learned while I was in teaching school it was C.Y.A.

Friday, August 25, 2006


There is nothing I hate more than on a day that's going to be UBER busy to not be able to sleep. Here it is 3am (I've already been up for an hour) and I"m wide awake. I can't be like this now!!! On top of it, I think it may have finally stopped, but my wonderful man sounded like a freight train in bed next to me.
We're going to Bristol today for the race tonight. Yup, that's right, I'm once again trying something new. I have mixed feelings about going to Bristol, not because of the race or anything, but because of the past. I'm sure nothing will happen. He's no fan of NASCAR, not to mention the fact that when I just read his blog it stated he's headed to see his mom today. So that's good. It'll still bring back memories though. I just hope I'm able to make new, great, long-lasting memories with D today.

As far as that guy I posted about yesterday. Well, I got a message from him in reply to mine. The exchange looked something like this:
(me)Obviously you have some great hatred towards me for some unknown reason. That's really sad. I've never done anything to deserve such treatment...or at least it's never been brought to my knowledge.
I'm not going to appologize for something I didn't do. I'm also not going to appologize for congratulating you. I truly am happy for you. I hope everything works out for the best and you and your soon-to-be wife have a wonderful life together.
(him) thank u. same to u. :)
What the hell kind of shit is that?! Oh well...Proves once more that guys SUCK at comminication.

Finally, as we were getting ready for bed last night we received some very disturbing phone calls. My SIL had a nasty divorce from a man who there's just not time to get into all of that. Anyhow, he signed over all the rights to my nephew and everything when he left her (my nephew was 10 weeks old). When D first got the house last Oct., my SIL lived with him until she got her last apt. We have an unlisted phone number. Well the phone rang 3 times within half an hour and the caller said, "Is_____ there?" Both of us told him there was no one here by the name. Not a lie by any means. Part of the problem too though is that he knows D is here by his voice....especially since D lived with them for about a year when they were married. It's still creepy though as to how he was able to get our number. So not only am I up now thinking about it, I went to sleep thinking about it. My only fear (and they all beleive he'd never come to this area) is that I'm home one day when D and I have kids; D's at work and he shows up. He was out of the picture before I came into it. I have no idea what he looks like. My thing is, I can only be so nice for so long. I'll take a lot of crap, but once I snap...look out! heh. All I know is this....I know WAY too many cops and the like in this area for him to come messing with me and mine.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Leak and Confused.

Monday morning I got a call from a friend explaining to me about other people I know from college and the antics that happened over the weekend. hahaha All fine and great then she says this, "You came up in their conversation." She goes on and tells me all about what was said. I couldn't believe what she was telling me. The information known only a handful of select people know at this point in time. Not to mention the fact, I've not even talked to this person in nearly 2 years. How in the hell does she know??? Somewhere there is a person I thought I could trust and apparently I can't. That sucks.

Now for the confused part.

Found out last night that a guy I went to high school with and later dated in college got engaged. Yay for him. I hop on Facebook and leave him a little message of congrats. This morning it had been erased. Only mine.... Not sure what I did to make him mad or have some unnecessary hatred towards me. If anything it should be the other way around due to how he treated me, but I'm over it. I guess it just goes to show you that while some people change, some never do. Some stay that 17yo high school boy that just wants to get in a girl's pants. I truly am happy for him and hope that they are happy....hope it lasts too. So good luck to the both of them.

Finally, for some good news. I had a Dr's appointment yesterday that I had been dreading since it was set. There was going to be some life-threatening news given to me. However at the Dr's appointment, all the tests done showed that everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about. Praise the Lord.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

201 and settling down.

So in the midst of my *wonderful* migriane I neglected to mention the 200th post that was, wasn't it. Ok, not really I know.

Anyhow, I was looking at some pictures of people that well, I wouldn't call friends, but that I know. I'm not sure that I would even consider them acquaintences, but in a past life I would... It made me realize that I'm glad to be settling down with Dan as we plan our new life together. I never was one to go out and get trashed just for the heck of it (with the exception of the night I did all 10 rounds with Jose). Sure getting a little tipsy every once in a while happened, but not on a regular basis. Then I look at these people (the ones mentioned before) who are out of college, supposedly working a "real" job and out drinking all the time to the point of total drunkness. Then I look at the people I go to the bar with when I go. They all have kids my age or older. What's with that??? I guess it's their "2nd chance" if you will. Although, I belive that they were the same way when their kids lived at home.

The point is this: I'm happy where I am. Not just content, but happy.
I'm glad that I didn't go totally wild in college.
I'm glad that I found the man I'm supposed to marry, not one that will "do."
I'm glad the past is just that....the past.
I'm glad that we write our own future (most days)
I'm glad to be me and live my life.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The headache from hell and lots of presents

I've got it today...the headache from hell. You know the one....where the only thing that helps is sleep. So that's what I've done most of today....sleep. Not good since my in-laws will be in town starting Wednesday and my house is a WRECK. Oh well, we'll get it done....eventually.

Saturday was my second wedding shower. We had a blast!!! There were nearly 30 people there....and that's small for my family. It was so great to see everyone!! Our trunk and backseat were totally packed. Good thing all the luggage we had was just a carryon. While we were at the shower, grandpa took Dan and Bobby (neen's boyfriend) to Skyline and then Union Terminal where they saw the Onimax. I guess they had fun.....

I'm going to go see if I can't do anything about this headache and mess of a house.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Personal don't have to like it.

With the exception of a family name that is passed down 17 times and to be able to differentiate between all the generations, I don't get why people name their kids and then call them by their middle name. If that's what you are going to call them that!!!!! If it's a family name that you are just wanting to keep but have no desire to be called that, make it the middle name!!! It drives me up a wall. That's one thing that I don't miss about teaching. You go in call roll... "Henry???" Kid pipes up, "I go by Matt." (just an example not actual names used) What's with that?!?!

I've always felt this way, but it's been on my mind a lot lately!! I feel the same way about shortening names. If you are going to call your child Katy (or Katie) why in the world did you name her Katherine?!?!! I just don't get it. It's dumb!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just a few thoughts.

1. Maybe it's just the fact that my background is in teaching, but I'm surprised at how dumb some people are. Especially when these are people who come off at least to be somewhat intelligent. Homonyms: words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have a different meaning. My second graders could tell you 100's of these. The biggest culprits?!?! hear/here and there/they're/their. That's all I'm going to say about it.

2. Some people just don't get a clue. Now, I'll preface this with the fact that there are times I'm slow to start....especially now having a whirlwind of things going on. However, if someone after MONTHS, nearly a year, NEVER responds to you, it's time to quit trying.

3. This's for the birds. I feel for the women I see who are out in it and they are about 17 months pregnant. That just wouldn't work for me. I hate the heat as it is....

4. Old "friends". I'm not going to lie, I've been hurt recently by a couple of invitations to things that I did not receive. (and surprised by a couple I have) One in particular was to an event where several people I would have considered friends were attending. I guess that's not the case, and it frees up a few of my invitations....