Wednesday, August 16, 2006

201 and settling down.

So in the midst of my *wonderful* migriane I neglected to mention the 200th post that was, wasn't it. Ok, not really I know.

Anyhow, I was looking at some pictures of people that well, I wouldn't call friends, but that I know. I'm not sure that I would even consider them acquaintences, but in a past life I would... It made me realize that I'm glad to be settling down with Dan as we plan our new life together. I never was one to go out and get trashed just for the heck of it (with the exception of the night I did all 10 rounds with Jose). Sure getting a little tipsy every once in a while happened, but not on a regular basis. Then I look at these people (the ones mentioned before) who are out of college, supposedly working a "real" job and out drinking all the time to the point of total drunkness. Then I look at the people I go to the bar with when I go. They all have kids my age or older. What's with that??? I guess it's their "2nd chance" if you will. Although, I belive that they were the same way when their kids lived at home.

The point is this: I'm happy where I am. Not just content, but happy.
I'm glad that I didn't go totally wild in college.
I'm glad that I found the man I'm supposed to marry, not one that will "do."
I'm glad the past is just that....the past.
I'm glad that we write our own future (most days)
I'm glad to be me and live my life.

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