Friday, August 25, 2006


There is nothing I hate more than on a day that's going to be UBER busy to not be able to sleep. Here it is 3am (I've already been up for an hour) and I"m wide awake. I can't be like this now!!! On top of it, I think it may have finally stopped, but my wonderful man sounded like a freight train in bed next to me.
We're going to Bristol today for the race tonight. Yup, that's right, I'm once again trying something new. I have mixed feelings about going to Bristol, not because of the race or anything, but because of the past. I'm sure nothing will happen. He's no fan of NASCAR, not to mention the fact that when I just read his blog it stated he's headed to see his mom today. So that's good. It'll still bring back memories though. I just hope I'm able to make new, great, long-lasting memories with D today.

As far as that guy I posted about yesterday. Well, I got a message from him in reply to mine. The exchange looked something like this:
(me)Obviously you have some great hatred towards me for some unknown reason. That's really sad. I've never done anything to deserve such treatment...or at least it's never been brought to my knowledge.
I'm not going to appologize for something I didn't do. I'm also not going to appologize for congratulating you. I truly am happy for you. I hope everything works out for the best and you and your soon-to-be wife have a wonderful life together.
(him) thank u. same to u. :)
What the hell kind of shit is that?! Oh well...Proves once more that guys SUCK at comminication.

Finally, as we were getting ready for bed last night we received some very disturbing phone calls. My SIL had a nasty divorce from a man who there's just not time to get into all of that. Anyhow, he signed over all the rights to my nephew and everything when he left her (my nephew was 10 weeks old). When D first got the house last Oct., my SIL lived with him until she got her last apt. We have an unlisted phone number. Well the phone rang 3 times within half an hour and the caller said, "Is_____ there?" Both of us told him there was no one here by the name. Not a lie by any means. Part of the problem too though is that he knows D is here by his voice....especially since D lived with them for about a year when they were married. It's still creepy though as to how he was able to get our number. So not only am I up now thinking about it, I went to sleep thinking about it. My only fear (and they all beleive he'd never come to this area) is that I'm home one day when D and I have kids; D's at work and he shows up. He was out of the picture before I came into it. I have no idea what he looks like. My thing is, I can only be so nice for so long. I'll take a lot of crap, but once I snap...look out! heh. All I know is this....I know WAY too many cops and the like in this area for him to come messing with me and mine.

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