Monday, October 31, 2005

I can't believe I did that!!!

So I get back last night and realize that I've forgotten my little "wallet" that has my driver's lisence, student ID, debit card, credit card, etc in it. I thought I had gotten everything out of a purse that I used Saturday night, but apparently I didn't. The thing that really gets me is that not only did mom ask me as we were walking out the door if I had everything, but I forgot something of grand importance last time I went home! Thanks to mom for overnighting things to me!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Feels like a long time.

It's been since Wednesday since I've posted anything and that feels like forever!! Well, for those of you who check my blog 2, 3, 4 times a day, here you go:

Thursday - School went pretty well. The week was really dragging and so was I. I came home and didn't do too much. I took a nap, got up for a little bit and hung out with Pamela and Neil for a bit and then pretty much went back to bed.

Friday - I decided that the worst day to be a teacher is one where you have a class party. People don't be have like they should and it's just plain old craziness. On my way home from school, grandma and grandpa called me as they were coming home from Florida. So, I got to go out to eat and visit with them for a while. It was great! Grandma did her usual "sly" slip of the money when they were leaving. I always know when that's coming as she reaches for my hand right after she hugs me. YAY for free dinner and $20 extra!!

Saturday - Got up to go to work and that was exciting. (not really) Then I drove home. When I got home, mom and I went to the grocery.....after I got stung by a bee. Damn bees!! I'm allergic to bee stings just short of needing an epipen. (it's itching like crazy now) Anyway, while at the grocery it dawned on me that going to the grocery with your mom at 22 just isn't as exciting as it is when you are 4. So anyway, I ran a couple errands when we got back. While I was out, I ran into a couple of the girls that mom and I hang out with at Rick's. They talked me into going to our Halloween party even though GC was in Chicago this weekend. Well, I went and had a blast. We were all dressed up at the bar. It was so much fun! Afterward, I came home and went to bed excited about the extra hour of sleep.

Today - Nothing too exciting when I up. Hung around for a bit just relaxing. Mom went up to the Flea Market with Dutch for a while. However this afternoon/evening we went to a festival at one of the local Y's as my great uncle was playing in this harmonica group there. At first I was like, I can't believe I'm gonna be late getting back to campus b.c of a harmonica concert. It was interesting though. Then we all went to their house for drinks, dinner and dessert. I had a good ab workout laughing at stories that were being told and mom's side comments to things. About 9 it was time to hit the road. So I hopped in the car and came on back. Made good time. I was in my room at 1030!

There's the update that yall who read this regularly (and sometimes obsessivly) have been looking for. I'm beat and headed to bed. Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Ultimate Compliment

WOW! I got the best compliment in the world today!!! My cooperating tacher got a call and she had to leave school this morning for about an hour or so. She called down to the principal to let her know what was going on and just left. I was out of the room with a student when all the phone calls went down. I came back in and she told me she was leaving and just to go on with our normal morning routine. Why is that the ultimate compliment??? I've only been in this classroom a week and a half and here she is telling the principal that they don't need to get someone to come into the room as I'm there and know what I'm doing! It was a great feeling!

GC took his last exam today! Thank God he's done.....for a while. He's been so stressed out about it that he's now sick. His stressing out got me stressed out for him too. Oh well. Unfortunatly I can't spend the weekend with him like we could as he's flying to Chicago with his family to see other family this weekend. Oh well. I'll be home in less than 2 months and we'll be able to spend a lot more time together.

Well, I still need to eat dinner and get a few little things done. Catch ya later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's only Tuesday...

...and it's already a long week. Last night I was going to post, but I passed out at 8. I was SO tired. I love my kids, but man do they wear me out. After the weekend I had though, I needed the sleep. Sure in the long run it was good that everything happened the way it did this weekend, but boy was I a hot mess while it was all going on. Saturday night all I wanted was a hug. GC wasn't here, my twin was with her man, my "wife" was with her man in Georgetown, my brother couldn't answer his phone and my friend that was gonna let me stay had to go be a DD. It was craziness.

Tonight was parent/teacher conferences. That was a learning experience in it's own. WOW! I came home to check emails and my dad left me one. It wasn't anything that I expected to see at all. Sure it had the typical, I miss you etc. stuff, but this also included comments on how he's never seen a "young person" as well suited for their career as I am. He also said that I have talents with children that he could only dream of having and then if he did have them he wouldn't know what to do with them. I was beyond shocked.

GC has another exam tomorrow. Thank God it'll be the last one....til the end of the semester! Exam weeks are VERY difficult on him which in turn makes me crazy b.c I don't get to spend as much time wihth him as I'd like. School is more important and I just have to remind myself of that. It'll all be better once I graduate.

Well, lesson plans are a calling my name! Check ya later!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's amazing what one comment can do...

I had a breakthrough tonight. I had a wonderful conversation with my ex, Alex. The things I'd been feeling have been lifted. Tears were shed, of course, but they were a mixture of good and bad. I feel that I'm able to move on totally in my life as far as my dating relationships are concerned. I don't have those old feelings any more.

Alex and I spoke of things that had changed in our several areas. Much of the conversation doesn't really need to have great detail spoken about it. Just know that I feel at peace I have full closure on that part of my life. Will he and I talk again? Probably. I still learn from him. I still like to hear his point of view. It will be interesting to see how things play out down the road. (and no I don't mean in terms of us getting back together as that couldn't happen)

In other news...I went to the game after all tonight. Boy am I glad I did!!! We won in the last 10 seconds...33-32! It was a blast...nervewrecking, but a blast.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I love it, but.....

waking up just after 6 on Saturday morning isn't excatly my idea of fun. I love teaching. Yes at the end of the day I'm wiped out, but that doesn't mean on my one morning that I can sleep almost as late as I want that I have to wake up at 6!!!

So what do you do at 6 am when you are wide awake?? I think...and that gets me in trouble. I start questioning people's "truths" (as truth really is relative I learned about 2 years ago) I also start to think about all the things that I really should get done....not just lesson plans, but you know cleaning, dishes, sending emails...all those "fun" things. But one of the worst things to think about , and I do, is home. I was never this big on going home and being with my mom and my comforts there. Yeah I'm independant, but come on, even the most emotionless person wants to go home to their mom every once in a while. The other worst thing to think about is the past. I start to think about the shit I've gone through in the past 5 years. Even I have to take my happy mask off sometimes. Unfortunately for me during part of that time I was constantly told to think about the worst case scenario and have that in the back of my mind (just so you can be prepared for it). Up until right before my 21st birthday I didn't worry too much about the worse case scenario. Well, that person got it in my head. I do that now. Let me tell you, it sucks thinking that way. And when you are a "crier" it sucks even more! I try not to let my past affect how I think/act towards the men in my life, but it's really hard. I need to talk to GC about it. He needs to know why I do some of the things I do; why I think some of the thinks I think.

I didn't get on here to just be sad and sappy....who wants that?! I certainly don't. Who wants to read it?! I'd bet that most of you don't. I hopped onto my blog this morning to see what I ended up writing. What's on my heart; What I'm thinking; What I'm feeling. There is one thing I've felt the urge to say for sometime and I know this person has been reading my blog:
Alex...I want you to know that there is a small part of me that will always love you. You were my first love, my first bit of hope in what was going on at the time. I will never forget what you did for me during that time of hurt in my life. I also know that somewhere deep inside you is not the bitter, emotionless man that you have a tendancy to portray. You are going through a rough time right now and I'm truly sorry, one hundred times over, for using your hurt to make me feel better in recent months. You and I both know that that isn't really the person I am. I've been blessed to not go through what you are going through now, but I wish that you didn't have what is sitting in front of you on your plate. I hate how things ended with us and I wish that it never had to end that harsh. I'm sorry for being immature at times and I'm sorry for some of the thoughts that I had towards you. I feel that I want to say more to you, but I'm not sure exactly of the words to say.

This is where I end this mornings post.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ever noticed....

How sometimes you just REALLY need your friends and/or someone to talk to. I had a night like that last night. The thing is though, no one seems to be around until you put up an away message that physically says you're crying. THEN people you've not talked to in weeks or even months leave you a message. WTF? You've not talked to me in months, I know you've been around, I'm upset and NOW you want to talk to me? I don't think so.

Yes, I appreciate the concern of those who left it last night. Really, I do. I was already asleep when it was left from everyone though....I didn't even make it to 9 last night. What happened? I think I was just so tired that every little thing was getting to me. You know, it's kind of liek a little kid. You know when kid is tired becuase they start to cry as they just can't handle being up anymore but they are fighting the sleep. I think that's all it really was.

Overall yesterday went well. In fact, it was kind of funny at the end of the day. Some of the kids had already been called to leave so the rest that were in the class were antsy and ready to leave. I went around the room and let them ask questions about me. Well I was getting the typical favorite color, favorite food, etc. Then the questions really started coming one asked if I was married, the answer of, so then it was do you have any kids, no but the one that really got me was directly after that, one of my kids asked if I was available! Yes, ladies and gentlemen you heard that right. I about died. I didn't know what to say at first, but I handled it and then we left for the day.

I really have to get going, but I'm pretty sure I"ll post more later on. Have a good day!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thought for the day....

While I had a few minutes I was piddling a bit this morning and came across an article that a friend had in her away message. The article talked about "soul mates vs. sole mates" This, though, really stuck out in my mind: When we get married for trivial reasons, we tend to get divorced for trivial reasons.

Chew on that a while! Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Natual Born"

No, I'm not talking physically like a natural birth, but charictaristically. After 3 days in the second grade, my teacher and I sat and talked a few minutes after school. Well, I got the, "You're a Natural Born teacher" talk today....after only 3 days!!! How exciting is that?! We have a good class of 19 kids. Sure there are issues, but over all it's a really good class. She said, I'm not worried about you one bit. Do your thing. I feel excellent reccomendations from both teachers coming in the near future!

Well, it's Wednesday which means that Pamela and I had our weekly girl time. It also means another rewrite to a song! It's been waiting to be rewritten for 2 weeks as we couldn't be together last week. So without any further ado, I give to you our version of John Mellancamp's "Hurt So Good" BTW...this is nothing against him...I went to school with his nephews. We just started singing the song one night and decided that this was the one to redo!

When I was a young girl,
Said put away those young boy dreams
Now that I’m getting older so much older
I long all those young girl days
With a boy like you
With a boy like you
Lord knows there are things we can do, baby
Just me and you
Come on and make it a

Hurt so good
Come on baby make me hurt so good
Sometimes sex don’t feel like it should
You make me hurt so good

You’re gonna need to be excitin’
Just tryin’ to give myself a little bit of fun, yeah
You never did like my bitin’
You make me think you are a nun
Hey baby it’s you
Come on boy now it’s you
Sink yourself right into me, baby
Let’s see what you can do

Hurt so good
Come on baby make me hurt so good
Sometimes sex don’t feel like it should
You make me hurt so good

I’m not talkin’ no wedding bells
I’m not making no plan for that hell
I’m not movin’ to the Dells
Maybe we could layin’ around, all day long,
Layin’ around, all day long

Hurt so good
Come on baby make me hurt so good
Sometimes sex don’t feel like it should
You make me hurt so good
Hurt so good
Come on baby make me hurt so good
Sometimes sex don’t feel like it should
You make me hurt so good
Hey, Hey
So there we are...Not too many lyrics to be changed this week, but we had fun and it's always a good laugh! Have a great one!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Second Grade!

Well, I enjoyed my first day in second grade today. When I got to school today, my teacher nor the principal knew that I was even coming. They were happy to see me, just not so happy with EKU. I don't blame them. I started learning a bit of what the day will be like. It's a long monring, but if you can make it to lunch, you're ok! I saw several people I knew today too. It was crazy to see kids I'd had before at different schools. I really think I'm gonna like it.

GC is doing well. He's definatly happy about the outcome of the game yesterday....I knew he would be. He's gonna see what he can do about coming to see me this weekend, but not sure as his sister wants him to go see her. I understand if he goes to see her, but there's a large part of me that wants him to spend the weekend with me, especially since until I graduate at least it's only going to be the weekends that we get to spend together anyway. Oh well, only 2 more months til I graduate!

Well, I'm wiped out. Have my lessons done and I'm ready to go for tomorrow! Night night and sweet dreams!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Why is it ok for the head of a building to loose the master key to the building without any reprocutions? I came back to school on Friday to a note left on my door about a key core change. I go downstairs pissed that it's going on in the first place, yet calmly ask at the desk, "so why did they all get changed?" The response I got, "Well there's a letter underneath your door explaining it all." HELLO my door is locked and apparently I don't have the key to be able to open it anymore?!

Why do we have pictures of Nemo on our door with our names on them?? Sure, everyone's a big fan of the movie, but why does he have to hang on my door. Who has that much time anyways?!

Why when people are drunk is it 'ok' to leave 'messages' for others who are sleeping soundly?

Why did I wake up at 8am today when I didn't even go to bed until 2 am? I HATE doing that. I've done it the past several days, except it's been more like waking up at 7.

Why when I'm packing do I think of things to pack, but don't remember to pack them. I forgot my phone charger and my video that I'm supposed to transfer my lessons to at home. Luckily I have the best mom in the world and she is going to overnight my charger tomorrow. I don't know if my phone will last until Tuesday so I may go buy a car charger as I don't have one anyway.

Why is it that 'educated' people feel the need to not spell out entire words just becuase they are posting on internet message boards. Hello, if you are trying to get published or onto a design team, don't you think it might be helpful to show that you know the language??? Also, the word AN comes before a word that starts with a vowel/vowel sound. A comes before the others. Else is spelled just like that....NOT elece!

Why do people feel the need to cut others down, but then aren't big enough to "show" their face. To my friends who leave nice messages and comments I'm sorry that you can no longer post unless you are a member. I thought things had stopped with the anonymous poster, but I was wrong. I know who this person is and this person creates drama just to create drama.

Why did I not find my ticker earlier?!?! I LOVE it! Not only does it track how many hits I get, but it tells me the exact location of where people signed on and where they got my link. It's so neat to check it out as there are people from all over the states as well as a few from outside the states that check it on a regular basis. It's pretty neat!

Ok...I'm done venting. Life is good...I start in second grade tomorrow at my new school. I'm really excited about it!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Sweetest Day!!!

Today has been pretty great. I woke up and went to work. After work Pamela called on her way home from bowling and we ran and grabbed lunch together. Then I went to one of my other jobs....prolly my most favorite, recruiting for EKU, specifically for the COE. While I was there I got to talk to some of my favorite people in administration. I tell you what, I just love Dr. Aaron Thompson to pieces!!! Well, while I was rubbing elbows and kissing babies, I missed GC's phone call. That's ok. He left the world's longest vm. He just wanted to tell me what they were up to and wish me a Happy Sweetest Day. So then I walk into the building and I ended up showing a perspective student and her family my room as well as the rest of the building. They were really nice and from an area back home! Took a nap afterwards, and now I"m eating and getting ready to go to work. Not a boring day, not a thrilling day, just a good day!!

Happy Sweetest Day!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

"I'm like Ronald McDonald.....

...I just love to see you smile!" Yes, this would be one of the "lines" that GC used last night when we were hanging out, but I love it! I had missed him SOOO much and he felt the same way. He came over for dinner with mom and Dutch. It was great. He was just so comfortable with them as soon as he walked in the door. What I love, he wasn't afraid to kiss me in front of them! So after dinner, we're just standing there in the kitchen kissing and talking and mom comes in and is like get out of my kitchen and go show him the rest of the place. So we do. Of course the last stop is my room where, yes, we made out some. But that wasn't the important part. Right now there is stuff all over the basement as we are looking at having to move. So in 100% honesty, the only surface to sit on is my bed. So we sit on the edge of the bed and just kinda lay back. He just sat there holding me and looking at my face and kissing my forhead. It was getting to be later than he had planned on leaving so we went upstairs and got ready for him to leave. Well, mom stood up and gave him a hug!!! In the 6 weeks that Randall lived here she never hugged him, but she gave GC a huge hug last night!!! YAY!!! So we walked out to the car and I showed him a couple cards I had designed lately and a couple layouts. He liked them. Then we went out to his car where we stood and talked for a bit and kissed a couple more times and right before he got into his car, he leaned down and kissed my forhead.

After he left, I came back in and mom was like, "He's a dollbaby. He's a keeper. I like him a lot." We talked a little bit more and I was like, "mom I think he's probably better than everyone else I've been with." She said, "yeah, there's no doubt in my mind about that."

So that was my great evening with GC. He did appologize for being a "bad" boyfriend and not seeing me more this week. I told him that I kept trying to tell myself that it he wasn't off this week and it was midterm.

Today, I'm headed back to school....I have to work at 8 so I'm not in any real rush to get back, as long as I"m back in time for work. I'm gonna run out and pick up my $$ from the store and get an oil change and all that fun "adult" stuff I'm beginning to have to do on my own. Catch yall later!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

So I'm a worrier....

well, I know GC is having a really bad week. I've not hardly talked to him. The past few days I've talked to him at least like 2 minutes, but not yesterday. I can't help but worry; it's just the way I am. Can I help it that I want to see him while I"m home?! Most girls like seeing their boyfriends when they can. I know we have this "pact" that family and school is more important than each other...because, is. However, I just wish that he'd even call me or message me back and say, "you know honey....I don't have much time this week. It's midterm and you know how I am about needing to study." *big sigh*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So I feel better tonight....Worked from 10-7 today at my happy place!! About an hour or so before I was gonna leave, my sister and noodlebutton brought me Skyline!!! I LOVE Skyline! So I ate a little bit of it and saved the rest for dinner after I came home. I talked to GC today...he's had a hard day, and really a hard weekend/beginning of the week. I"ll be able to spend a little time with him (hopefully) at least one night this week and help cheer him up. I got a call from my MK director today and she wants to hire me as her administrative assistant!! YAY for me!! I'm gonna have some money coming in once I graduate!!! I also caught up with my best friend from high school. We lost contact due to some technical difficulties...that and her dad being and ass. SO all in all, it was a good day! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to work for a bit, hopefully catch up with Linda and see my neice and even better would be if I got some GC time.

Hope yall had a good day!!!


Coming home has been pretty good so far. I went to the store and scrapped all day yesterday. It felt so good to be in my happy place again! I told Patty that I was coming home after Dec so she was very happy about that! YAY for me too b.c that means I'll have at least a little bit of $$ coming in while I"m looking for a job. I did have a rough night last night though. I came home and it was so empty. Mom stayed with Dutch last night. I tried to get ahold of GC....but nothing. We talked about 2 seconds online. He had just gotten in from wrestling practice and was going to take a shower....he said he'd call in a "lil bit". That was at 738. I never did get that phone call. I was going crazy being here all by myself. A little after 10 I decided to take a walk....Walked a decent bit, not sure exactly how far though. All I know is that I was gone til just before 11 walking. Oh well. What am I doing up?!?! I don't know...I just sat straight up....partially due to the fact I forgot to put the sleep timer on the tv last night...partially b.c I'm a worrier. (especially since he's only been idle for a little bit, under an hour)

GC is supposed to be coming to see me today as my sister wants to meet him/remember who he is. He was a sr her sophmore year of high school. I"m going to work at the store some today. Yay for a little extra cash!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

100 Questions and Answers.....

1. Kissed your cousin? not in the way you are thinking
2. Ran away? yup....packed my suitcase a couple of times and headed off to grandma and grandpas...thank God they only lived a block away since I was only 4!
3. Pictured your crush naked? pictured isn't exactly the word for it ;)
4. Skipped school? not this semester, but yes....I LOVE "personal" days. or days when it was like, "hey it's pretty outside, I think I'm gonna skip class."
5. Broken someone's heart? I think it's a possability.

6.Been in love? for sure
7. Cried when someone died? uh yeah, I'm a crier...I cry at everything...even when I don't mean to!
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? haven't we all??
9. Broken a bone? actually I've not...I've come woah close, but no

10. Done something embarrasing? just about's just a matter of if someone actually sees it.
11. Done a drug? if you are counting nicotine and alcohol as drugs then yes, otherwise, no
12. Cried in school? *see answer to #7*
13. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
14. Sprite or 7UP? Whichever
15. Girls or Guys? in particular....although, ask Pamela, she and I are married! heheheh
16. Flowers or Candy? Shouldn't a girl be spoiled and get both??
17. Scruff or Clean shaved? in the middle.
18. Blondes or Brunettes? red head all the way!

19. Too Fat or Too Skinny? what exactly is the definition of "too" ?
20. Tall or Short? I'm short.
21. Pants or Shorts? pants
22. Night or Day? for what?!?! That question leaves things WIDE open

23. What do you notice first? smile (teeth) and then eyes
24. Last person you slow danced with? heh....slow danced....I don't remember the last time, hopefully that'll change soon.
25. Worst question to ask? "Are you sure??"
26. Showered? earlier

27. Stepped outside? just a few minutes ago when I was coming home from work.
28. Had Sex? heh.....take a wilde guess

30. Your Good Luck Charm: uhh...not really sure what I use.
31. Person You Hate Most: I don't know that I honestly hate anyone....but there are several people whom I STRONGLY dislike for one reason or another.
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: getting a second chance

33. On your desk: computer, senate binder, random jewelry, pen box, stapler, paper clip holder, tape dispenser (with tape), 3-hole punch, scanner, remote, cell phone, graduation info, Haitian box, sunglasses (in their case)....I think that's about it
34. Picture on your desktop: fall leaves

35. Color: blue!

36. Movie: hehe.....movies are great! I love comedies, harry potter, and "chic flicks"
37. Music artist: don't know that there is one favorite
38. Cars: I could be really sappy and say my man's...I do really like his car.

39. Ice Cream: greater's
40. Season: spring
41. Breakfast Food: breakfast casserole

42. Makes you laugh the most: GC, he's awesome about that!!
43. Makes you smile: my friends, my mommy, GC!
44. Can make you feel better no matter what: Katie, Pamela, GC, mom
45. Has A Crush On You: I think GC might...well he did for 5 years, and now we're together
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: see above
47. Who Has it easier? kids....oh to be a kid again!!!!

48. Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: What kind of funny feeling?? Like that butterflies in your stomach, high school crush feeling?

49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night:there are times I do...I try not to, so I just put the phone by my bed and if it rings I check the caller ID
50. Save MSN conversations: not MSN....but others.
51. Save E-mails: the important ones
52. Forward secret E-mails: Secret??? there are secret emails???

53. Wish you were someone else: no...I'd have someone else's problems...I'll just stick with my own.
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: not usually...although I do think it's easier to be a guy than it is a girl.

55. Wear perfume: yup...usually it's Velocity by Mary Kay.
56. Kiss: ugh....YEAH!!! Just ask GC ;)

57. Cuddle: once again, ask GC
58. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: my eyes would hurt.

59. Fallen for your best friend? uh huh
60. Made out with JUST a friend? yup..everyone needs some makeout time everyonce in a while
61. Kissed two people in the same day? I dont' think so....
62. Had sex with two different people in the same day? definatly not
63. Been rejected? who hasn't?
64. Been in love? sure have
65. Been in lust? yup
66. Used someone? prolly
67. Been used? heh....don't get me started
68. Cheated on someone? never would

69. Been cheated on? it's the reason I'm not married
70. Been kissed? yeah.....GC
71. Done something you regret? I try not to regret things...but it's not always easy

72. You touched? ummm.....some kid leaned over the desk and touched me...other than that it'd prolly be Pamela
73. You talked to?
74. You hugged? GC
75. You instant messaged? Scott
76. You kissed? GC
77. You yelled at? a nice way as GC and I were passing the porch last night

78. You thought about? GC
79. Who text messaged you? GC
80. Who broke your heart? dumb boys....

82. Color your hair? every once in a great while
83. Have tattoos? no....thought about it
84. Have piercings? ears, and belly button....used to have tongue
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yup : D GC!

86. Own a webcam? uh huh
87. Own a thong? yup
88. Ever get off the computer? uhhh yeah....

89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ein bischen
90. Habla espanol? not really
91. Quack? not usually....sometimes you need to in class though when you teach elementary kids

92. Stolen anything: yes
93. Smoke: in the past
94. Schizophrenic: no
95. Obsessive: yes
96. Compulsive: yes
97. Obsessive compulsive: yes
98. Panic: who doesn't?
99. Anxiety: not usually

100. Depressed: heh...let's not go there

Once again, something I found from Pamela!!! Why not add silly things like this?!?! It makes life fun and interesting!

Oh What a Day!!!

WOW...Yesterday was great!!!!! Yes, I got a little teary-eyed in my classes saying goodbye...well not in all of them, but you know how that goes. One of my first grade classes even made me a book! It's so sweet....yes, I did cry when they made me read the whole thing in front of them.

And now what you all have been waiting for.....

GC!!!!!! Awww, it's perfect! It was something straight out of the movies.....*it's a warm, drizzly night* So he pulls up in front of my building. I take off for the car. He opens the door, steps out and just hugs me. Then, he kisses me and we just stand there in the rain hugging and kissing. A girl only dreams of being in a 'setting' like that. Colmon didn't get to meet him....he had a board meeting this morning. That's ok, I know he's gonna give his approval on this one. Katie met him...I've not talked to her yet, but I'm sure I will shortly. So we ran and got dinner (for me)....he didn't want to eat, but wanted to get food for me and WOULDN'T let me pay. Then we came home and just had a relaxing evening. Watched some t.v., held each other and he watched me go to sleep in his arms. It was so wonderful and worth the five year wait. I LOVE this quote: Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you. Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says,".....that's her." GC is well on his way to being that. Not once did I hear how "hot I am", but how gorgeous and beautiful I am. I know I fell asleep before he did and I know he was watching me b.c when I was "fighting" sleep I'd open my eyes and he'd just be looking at me. Kisses on the forhead you ask?!?! ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!! I walked out to the car with him this morning not in sweats, but with my glasses on, my hair a wreck, a black west point t-shirt and my floral pj pants and he walked proudly hand in hand with me. Haven't hung with his friends yet, so the holding hands in front of them is still pending. He did keep telling me how happy he was to be with me and that I'd never have to worry about this or that with him. As far as the last one, there again, haven't been with his friends...yet.

So yeah, girls, I've got a keeper....Sorry you didn't get him! hehehe. He's now on his way to Miami to take an exam. : ( Neither of us wanted him to leave or get up out of bed. We were just enjoying laying there talking and laughing. (and the occasional kiss)

I'm sure I'll write more later.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's Wednesday!!!!

That means dinner and song lyrics with Pamela! At Taco Bell she and I got married tonight and had our wedding dinner of....Taco Bell. But, without further ado, I bring you the newest song from our collection:

Her name was Lola
She was a cheap whore
With yellow feathers in her hair
And a dress cut up to here
She would have sex
And then she’d give head
And While she tried to get her cash
Tony always grabbed her ass
And while she did her chore
he worked from eight to four
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?

At the copa-copacabana
the hottest spot north of Havana
at the copa-copacabana
Hookin’ and blowin’ were always the passion
at the copa they faked love

His name was Rico
He wore a fur coat
He stopped there on the corner
He saw Lola dancin’ there
And when she finished
He called her over
But Rico couldn’t pay her cash
Tony beat his sorry ass
And then the cops were called
And Lola sat and balled.
There was blood and a single gunshot
But who shot who?

At the copa-copacabana
the hottest spot north of Havana
at the copa-copacabana
Hookin’ and blowin’ were always the passion
at the copa she lost her pimp.
Her name is Lola
She was a cheap whore
But that was thirty years ago
When she had nice boobs to show.
Now it’s a Drug Store
But not for Lola
Still in the dress she used to wear
Faded feathers in her hair
She stands there so uneasy
And she’s rather queasy
She lost her boobs and her Tony
Now she’s lost her job.

At the copa-copacabana
the hottest spot north of Havana
at the copa-copacabana
Hookin’ and blowin’ were always the passion
at the copa don’t be a whore!
Yay for us and our fun times together!!! I heart you Pamela.

One more day!!!!

then GC will be here with me!!! I'm SO excited, I can't wait. Oh, to be held and hugged and kissed by him.

Tomorrow though is going to be a bittersweet day. Yes, I'm TOTALLY excited about GC coming here, but tomorrow is also my last day in Winchester. I'm gonna miss my kids terribly. I'm looking forward to fall break though. Still, I never thought I'd be at this point in this placement, but I am. Kim has been great overall. Sure there were moments that I was ready to ask to be moved, but we all have those. I'm gonna miss seeing Courtney (another student teacher) almost everyday too. *sigh* tonight is gonna go SOOO slow.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Here's a little story...

a guy and a girl know each other in high school. They want to date each other, but he's with someone else that he's been dating for a long time and trying to "work things out". At her sr. prom (his jr.) she gets stood up, so he dances with fact, he dances every slow song with her. The girlfriend isn't happy with him. The guy continues to call the other girl almost everyday without his girlfriend knowing. The other girls friends confront him about what he is doing. He tells her friends one story, but changes the story when the girlfriend comes to sit down. The girlfriend tries to pick a fight with the other girl about 2 weeks before graduation. The other girl doesn't want anything to do with it and walks away laughing. Almost five years after the other girl graduates high school, the guy finds her on an internet group called "the facebook." He requests to add the other girl as his friend. The other girl thinks, "sure why're not gonna contact me just like all the other high school friends." The other girl is surprised when the next day she has a message from the guy. She's even more surprised when he calls her a few days later. They talk and talk and talk. Turns out he's going to be a teacher just like the other girl. He's even thought about the other girl several times since she graduated. They still have a million and a half things in common. They make each other smile and laugh. He calls and/or texts the other girl everyday. They want to start dating....

ok, are yall saying, "oh my God this is gross" yet?? "Gag me with a spoon."

No it's not the Hallmark movie of the week, it's about me and GC. How stinkin' sweet! This guy is amazing. I"ve never had anyone treat me the way GC does. He's just awesome.

Ahhhh fun times!

Well, Friday night Pamela and I ended up going out. We went to go see "Ourtown" here at Eastern...and let me tell you. IT SUCKED. "Ourtown" usually is a great show, but it wasn't Friday night. So we decided to go to O'Charley's for dinner. We got there and were just in a giggly mood. Well, then we get seated and this very tall, very hot guy turns out to be our waiter. So she and I just start flirting and goofing us free drinks and soup! We'll take it. At one point in time, she had a pic of T out and he saw it and asked who it was. She was like, "my husband." He then asked how old we were. Never once did he question anything about being married. Oh well!

Yesterday was GC's sister's wedding. Didn't get to talk to him much, but's his sister's wedding. I hope if nothing else, that I get to see him this coming weekend. I'm pretty sure I will! I had the craziest dream about him last night. He told me to pick a date so I did. On that date we went out but then went to a church. When we got there all our family and friends were there waiting. He told me that we were gonna get married. Of course I started freaking out like a girl does becuase I didn't have anything for a wedding. He told me not to worry about it. I went back to the changing room and there was the most beautiful dress and someone there to do my hair and makeup. My bridesmaids were there ready and waiting to help me get ready. WOW!!! It was great! Don't know what to make of it all, but of course I'll have to tell him about it all when he calls me today.

Yesterday for me wasn't anything too special. I worked from 8a-11a and then 8p-12a. In between I slept and ate a tiny bit. While I was at work I got to catch up with Amy. I hadn't really talked to her in forever. We talked almost 3 hours...made the time go by fast!!!

Today is just gonna be lesson plans, unless GC surprises me like he threatens. (I kinda doubt it though)
Have a good one!!!