Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ahhhh fun times!

Well, Friday night Pamela and I ended up going out. We went to go see "Ourtown" here at Eastern...and let me tell you. IT SUCKED. "Ourtown" usually is a great show, but it wasn't Friday night. So we decided to go to O'Charley's for dinner. We got there and were just in a giggly mood. Well, then we get seated and this very tall, very hot guy turns out to be our waiter. So she and I just start flirting and goofing us free drinks and soup! We'll take it. At one point in time, she had a pic of T out and he saw it and asked who it was. She was like, "my husband." He then asked how old we were. Never once did he question anything about being married. Oh well!

Yesterday was GC's sister's wedding. Didn't get to talk to him much, but's his sister's wedding. I hope if nothing else, that I get to see him this coming weekend. I'm pretty sure I will! I had the craziest dream about him last night. He told me to pick a date so I did. On that date we went out but then went to a church. When we got there all our family and friends were there waiting. He told me that we were gonna get married. Of course I started freaking out like a girl does becuase I didn't have anything for a wedding. He told me not to worry about it. I went back to the changing room and there was the most beautiful dress and someone there to do my hair and makeup. My bridesmaids were there ready and waiting to help me get ready. WOW!!! It was great! Don't know what to make of it all, but of course I'll have to tell him about it all when he calls me today.

Yesterday for me wasn't anything too special. I worked from 8a-11a and then 8p-12a. In between I slept and ate a tiny bit. While I was at work I got to catch up with Amy. I hadn't really talked to her in forever. We talked almost 3 hours...made the time go by fast!!!

Today is just gonna be lesson plans, unless GC surprises me like he threatens. (I kinda doubt it though)
Have a good one!!!

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