Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's only Tuesday...

...and it's already a long week. Last night I was going to post, but I passed out at 8. I was SO tired. I love my kids, but man do they wear me out. After the weekend I had though, I needed the sleep. Sure in the long run it was good that everything happened the way it did this weekend, but boy was I a hot mess while it was all going on. Saturday night all I wanted was a hug. GC wasn't here, my twin was with her man, my "wife" was with her man in Georgetown, my brother couldn't answer his phone and my friend that was gonna let me stay had to go be a DD. It was craziness.

Tonight was parent/teacher conferences. That was a learning experience in it's own. WOW! I came home to check emails and my dad left me one. It wasn't anything that I expected to see at all. Sure it had the typical, I miss you etc. stuff, but this also included comments on how he's never seen a "young person" as well suited for their career as I am. He also said that I have talents with children that he could only dream of having and then if he did have them he wouldn't know what to do with them. I was beyond shocked.

GC has another exam tomorrow. Thank God it'll be the last one....til the end of the semester! Exam weeks are VERY difficult on him which in turn makes me crazy b.c I don't get to spend as much time wihth him as I'd like. School is more important and I just have to remind myself of that. It'll all be better once I graduate.

Well, lesson plans are a calling my name! Check ya later!

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