Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Coming home has been pretty good so far. I went to the store and scrapped all day yesterday. It felt so good to be in my happy place again! I told Patty that I was coming home after Dec so she was very happy about that! YAY for me too b.c that means I'll have at least a little bit of $$ coming in while I"m looking for a job. I did have a rough night last night though. I came home and it was so empty. Mom stayed with Dutch last night. I tried to get ahold of GC....but nothing. We talked about 2 seconds online. He had just gotten in from wrestling practice and was going to take a shower....he said he'd call in a "lil bit". That was at 738. I never did get that phone call. I was going crazy being here all by myself. A little after 10 I decided to take a walk....Walked a decent bit, not sure exactly how far though. All I know is that I was gone til just before 11 walking. Oh well. What am I doing up?!?! I don't know...I just sat straight up....partially due to the fact I forgot to put the sleep timer on the tv last night...partially b.c I'm a worrier. (especially since he's only been idle for a little bit, under an hour)

GC is supposed to be coming to see me today as my sister wants to meet him/remember who he is. He was a sr her sophmore year of high school. I"m going to work at the store some today. Yay for a little extra cash!!!

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