Thursday, November 30, 2006

I keep forgeting...

I'll have all these ideas to post and then I just don't think about writing. It's the pregnancy brain. I swear!!

Thanksgiving was great. It was a KY Thanksgiving in Cleveland...thus being because it was 60 degrees up there! I'm not complaining one bit...especially since my coat doesn't button around my belly anymore.

Amber has posted a few more pictures the past couple days from the wedding. I can't wait until they are all totally done!!

One of the trees is up and decorated. I hope to get the other one up and done today or tomorrow. Should be good stuff!!

Other than that, we've slowed down a bit which is nice. I'm ready to slow down some...the dr. is ready for me to slow down as well.

I know it's choppy, but that's how my brain works these days...

Monday, November 20, 2006

My babymomma update

Well, Friday we went back to the dr. to find out what they think in regards to "the stitch" and the health of the baby and me...

I was released from bedrest!!! YAY!!! To do only the things I was doing before. (because I suck at bedrest) So I'm allowed to be up and heavy lifting or strechting or housework. I was also told in case of snow that I was not allowed to shovel the sidewalk. So I looked at the dr. and said, "Oh, comeon now! You're breaking my heart." That's when D piped up and said, "no really, you are breaking mine..."

This means we will be heading up to Cleveland for Thanksgiving on the farm with D's family. It should be fun. I'm looking forward to the mini-vacation.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So cool....

Despite the horrible hospital stay and the being sick all first tri-mester there is one thing that always remains SOOOO cool and I never get tired of it...

The kicks.

Feeling the little one kick.
Just laying there on my back.
Not doing anything.
SO cool.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hospitals are NO fun!!

Wednesday afternoon D and I headed to the hospital for a normal we expected. After the scan, the dr. wanted to look a little closer and do a second, different type of scan. He did and found that I needed a procedure called a cerclage...and it had to happen right away to prevent an early way early as I'm 21 weeks today.

So we were admitted Wed. afternoon and I had my surgery Thursday morning. Not a fun surgery either. Recovery from it pretty much sucks. But they finally let me go yesterday moring since there were no more contractions and healing was going in the right direction.

Baby is great...and was fine throughout the whole thing. Now, I'm good too. I have to slow down, which is going ot be difficult, but I can handle it for a few months...I guess, if I have to.