Thursday, November 30, 2006

I keep forgeting...

I'll have all these ideas to post and then I just don't think about writing. It's the pregnancy brain. I swear!!

Thanksgiving was great. It was a KY Thanksgiving in Cleveland...thus being because it was 60 degrees up there! I'm not complaining one bit...especially since my coat doesn't button around my belly anymore.

Amber has posted a few more pictures the past couple days from the wedding. I can't wait until they are all totally done!!

One of the trees is up and decorated. I hope to get the other one up and done today or tomorrow. Should be good stuff!!

Other than that, we've slowed down a bit which is nice. I'm ready to slow down some...the dr. is ready for me to slow down as well.

I know it's choppy, but that's how my brain works these days...

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Pamela said...

Hey, so I like never talk to my wifey anymore...I miss you something terrible. Could you please call me or email me about the baby colors again. I started on this awesome project like when you told me you were preggers and now I can't rember what colors I was going to finish it with. thank you love...miss you so much!