Sunday, October 16, 2005


Why is it ok for the head of a building to loose the master key to the building without any reprocutions? I came back to school on Friday to a note left on my door about a key core change. I go downstairs pissed that it's going on in the first place, yet calmly ask at the desk, "so why did they all get changed?" The response I got, "Well there's a letter underneath your door explaining it all." HELLO my door is locked and apparently I don't have the key to be able to open it anymore?!

Why do we have pictures of Nemo on our door with our names on them?? Sure, everyone's a big fan of the movie, but why does he have to hang on my door. Who has that much time anyways?!

Why when people are drunk is it 'ok' to leave 'messages' for others who are sleeping soundly?

Why did I wake up at 8am today when I didn't even go to bed until 2 am? I HATE doing that. I've done it the past several days, except it's been more like waking up at 7.

Why when I'm packing do I think of things to pack, but don't remember to pack them. I forgot my phone charger and my video that I'm supposed to transfer my lessons to at home. Luckily I have the best mom in the world and she is going to overnight my charger tomorrow. I don't know if my phone will last until Tuesday so I may go buy a car charger as I don't have one anyway.

Why is it that 'educated' people feel the need to not spell out entire words just becuase they are posting on internet message boards. Hello, if you are trying to get published or onto a design team, don't you think it might be helpful to show that you know the language??? Also, the word AN comes before a word that starts with a vowel/vowel sound. A comes before the others. Else is spelled just like that....NOT elece!

Why do people feel the need to cut others down, but then aren't big enough to "show" their face. To my friends who leave nice messages and comments I'm sorry that you can no longer post unless you are a member. I thought things had stopped with the anonymous poster, but I was wrong. I know who this person is and this person creates drama just to create drama.

Why did I not find my ticker earlier?!?! I LOVE it! Not only does it track how many hits I get, but it tells me the exact location of where people signed on and where they got my link. It's so neat to check it out as there are people from all over the states as well as a few from outside the states that check it on a regular basis. It's pretty neat!

Ok...I'm done venting. Life is good...I start in second grade tomorrow at my new school. I'm really excited about it!

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Nicole said...

where did you get your ticker? i don't have one on mine...boohoo :)