Friday, October 14, 2005

"I'm like Ronald McDonald.....

...I just love to see you smile!" Yes, this would be one of the "lines" that GC used last night when we were hanging out, but I love it! I had missed him SOOO much and he felt the same way. He came over for dinner with mom and Dutch. It was great. He was just so comfortable with them as soon as he walked in the door. What I love, he wasn't afraid to kiss me in front of them! So after dinner, we're just standing there in the kitchen kissing and talking and mom comes in and is like get out of my kitchen and go show him the rest of the place. So we do. Of course the last stop is my room where, yes, we made out some. But that wasn't the important part. Right now there is stuff all over the basement as we are looking at having to move. So in 100% honesty, the only surface to sit on is my bed. So we sit on the edge of the bed and just kinda lay back. He just sat there holding me and looking at my face and kissing my forhead. It was getting to be later than he had planned on leaving so we went upstairs and got ready for him to leave. Well, mom stood up and gave him a hug!!! In the 6 weeks that Randall lived here she never hugged him, but she gave GC a huge hug last night!!! YAY!!! So we walked out to the car and I showed him a couple cards I had designed lately and a couple layouts. He liked them. Then we went out to his car where we stood and talked for a bit and kissed a couple more times and right before he got into his car, he leaned down and kissed my forhead.

After he left, I came back in and mom was like, "He's a dollbaby. He's a keeper. I like him a lot." We talked a little bit more and I was like, "mom I think he's probably better than everyone else I've been with." She said, "yeah, there's no doubt in my mind about that."

So that was my great evening with GC. He did appologize for being a "bad" boyfriend and not seeing me more this week. I told him that I kept trying to tell myself that it he wasn't off this week and it was midterm.

Today, I'm headed back to school....I have to work at 8 so I'm not in any real rush to get back, as long as I"m back in time for work. I'm gonna run out and pick up my $$ from the store and get an oil change and all that fun "adult" stuff I'm beginning to have to do on my own. Catch yall later!

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