Sunday, October 30, 2005

Feels like a long time.

It's been since Wednesday since I've posted anything and that feels like forever!! Well, for those of you who check my blog 2, 3, 4 times a day, here you go:

Thursday - School went pretty well. The week was really dragging and so was I. I came home and didn't do too much. I took a nap, got up for a little bit and hung out with Pamela and Neil for a bit and then pretty much went back to bed.

Friday - I decided that the worst day to be a teacher is one where you have a class party. People don't be have like they should and it's just plain old craziness. On my way home from school, grandma and grandpa called me as they were coming home from Florida. So, I got to go out to eat and visit with them for a while. It was great! Grandma did her usual "sly" slip of the money when they were leaving. I always know when that's coming as she reaches for my hand right after she hugs me. YAY for free dinner and $20 extra!!

Saturday - Got up to go to work and that was exciting. (not really) Then I drove home. When I got home, mom and I went to the grocery.....after I got stung by a bee. Damn bees!! I'm allergic to bee stings just short of needing an epipen. (it's itching like crazy now) Anyway, while at the grocery it dawned on me that going to the grocery with your mom at 22 just isn't as exciting as it is when you are 4. So anyway, I ran a couple errands when we got back. While I was out, I ran into a couple of the girls that mom and I hang out with at Rick's. They talked me into going to our Halloween party even though GC was in Chicago this weekend. Well, I went and had a blast. We were all dressed up at the bar. It was so much fun! Afterward, I came home and went to bed excited about the extra hour of sleep.

Today - Nothing too exciting when I up. Hung around for a bit just relaxing. Mom went up to the Flea Market with Dutch for a while. However this afternoon/evening we went to a festival at one of the local Y's as my great uncle was playing in this harmonica group there. At first I was like, I can't believe I'm gonna be late getting back to campus b.c of a harmonica concert. It was interesting though. Then we all went to their house for drinks, dinner and dessert. I had a good ab workout laughing at stories that were being told and mom's side comments to things. About 9 it was time to hit the road. So I hopped in the car and came on back. Made good time. I was in my room at 1030!

There's the update that yall who read this regularly (and sometimes obsessivly) have been looking for. I'm beat and headed to bed. Have a good one!

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