Monday, July 17, 2006

86 Days

86 days from today I'll be married!!!! I can't wait!!

Saturday we went out and had a great morning. Went out to breakfast together and then went and test drove a Vibe since that's what I'll be getting. After that we decided to go to Lexington to look at cars. We'd been talking about his car and such and what to do after the mustang. So went and were just looking.....until we were at our 3rd dealer for the day and he test drove a Mazda 6. He LOVED it. Well, we headed back home as I needed to go to work. All the way crunching numbers and such. He asked what I thought and I said if they give us enough trade it and the payment is at a certain place fine. He still wasn't sure if he was evn going to go back. Well, I get home and there are messages from him on my cell to get our nephew as he is still at the dealer. When he got home.....he had a new car with him. LOVE IT!!

That was our little treat for the weekend....well, don't know how little it is, but it's time. The mustang served it's purpose. Plus there's room in the backseat.

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