Friday, July 07, 2006

On my mind....

I'd really love to post about the busy, yet wonderful events of the weekend, but that's not what's weighing heavy on my mind.

It's car dealers and banks.
I took Dan's car in nearly 3 weeks ago to find out why the engine light was showing up on the dash. I was informed after sitting in the waiting room that they didn't have the part but it was ok to drive it. They went on to say, we'll call you when the part gets here...and yes it is covered by the warranty. Well it had better be.
After all this time no phone calls had been made in our direction. Keeping my cool, I call them on Wednesday. "Oh yeah, the part is here..... When can you bring it in??" Trying to keep my cool I explain that Thrusday morning will work just fine. (especially since my in-laws are in town and they are able to follow me, take me home and then get me when it's done) So at 9am yesterday I take the car in...."Mrs. Masino it'll be done in about 2 hours....we'll give you a call" Yeah right, I think.
So mom, dad, Caleb and I go out to breakfast and head to the park for a while. We come home and still nothing so about 1230 I give them a call. "Oh yeah, the black mustang.....well after that was replaced there was still something wrong so we're going on and changing and fixing things." I was told 2 hours. "well yes ma'am it was 2 hours for that part and now it's more for the rest of it." I hang up the phone pissed. Sure I want the car to be fixed and all, but it's a bit on the illegal side to do any more work than was originally 'contracted' with at least an oral agreement.
Mom and dad take Caleb home and I chill out for a while. Dan calls at his honey, I've not heard anything let me call again and then I'll call you back. It's now 315.
"Mrs. Masino...we're going to have to get you a rental car so we can keep your car and work on it some more." I kindly say, "this is covered by our warranty....right?" He says yes. So now I have an extended cap Chevy Silverado in the driveway that I'm really digging right now.

Well the bank comes in on a whole different level. I realized that I had a bill aft from my account that I had forgotten about so I took $$ to the ATM to deposit it yesterday morning. I put my ATM card in there and it says checking account not found, please call. I call. They say well, your account is overdrawn. I'm like I know, that's why I'm at the bank trying to put in this cash (which is supposed to be available same day) She says well the bank has disconnected that debit card. Did I EVER receive a phone call, note, fire signal, anything about this??? NO. I thank her and inform her that I will be closing all my accounts with 5/3.
So I go and deposit the $$ in my other account and transfer it. (This was before the bank was open so I HAD to go to the ATM and couldn't close the accounts yesterday)
Well when we got home from the park yesterday there was a message from the bank at home wanting me to call. I call and of course she's not available and doesn't call me back yesterday.
This morning I check everything and I'm charged for overdraft!!! I'm like WTF. So when the branch at home opens they will be getting a phone call from one pissed off redhead......and EVERYONE knows not to piss off a redhead.

So that's what's on my mind today....that and the fact it's Friday and Dan is off at 330 today!

Have a happy day!!

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