Sunday, July 02, 2006

SO I just realized.....

that I don't update very well right now. It's probably due to the fact that I'm working like crazy, preparing to be a "Stay At Home Wife/Aunt" and planning a wedding. Does that make a person busy?? Sometimes....but then again, there are days that it's the most boring, mundane 'job' ever. I think all jobs are like that and those days are a rareity.

I love when my sister sits down and let her pen speak. I found something this morning and want to share it.

sometimes my stomach aches with empty. and i like that feeling, to be true. sometimes it feels much better than satisfied. or too full. sometimes i'm unconcsious of rhyme.i just want to write and sometimes it comes out.
and sometimes my nose runs and i have to sniffle and snuffle a lot. and sometimes my feet get cold and i have dry skin. but that's better than no feet at all. and sometimes i forget what i'm writing and what i'm saying... and i forget who called and who i told i would call back and i forget my assignments and i forget people who are important to me and i forget to feed my fish and i forget to call home and i forget to say thank you and i forget i forget i forget. i'm certainly no elephant.
sometimes i like when my hair is messy. sometimes i like to dress up. sometimes. sometimes i wish my hair would grow over night and it would be back to where it was. and sometimes i'm happy that it's short and growing slowly. sometimes i feel like a mooch. mostly because i hardly ever have money for things. and sometimes i realize that people really do want to help me. but sometimes not. and sometimes i pride myself in reading and sometimes i get mad at myself for not. and sometimes i'm messy sometimes i'm clean. and sometimes i'm just janine.
but mostly i eat when i'm hungryand mostly i make my bed and clean the roomand mostly my hair really is messy. and mostly i like what's in my head and mostly i'm considerate of the people around me. i think. and mostly i forget.
sometimes i remember.

mostly. i forget

There you have it original Janine.

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