Monday, September 10, 2007

Ready for a Slow Down.

We've gone non-stop for weeks it feels like. It's been a relativly good busy, but non-stop none the less.

Friday after WW we went to the mall for lunch with my SIL, nephew and a friend. We walked around for a bit and I got 2 new pair of shoes!! :) Aftwerwards, we went over to my SIL's to go swimming. I think we were in the pool for about 3 hours. Since it was after 5 at that point we stayed for dinner which turned into a game of Rummikub.

Saturday we slept in...some of us more than others. Then we went for some fine dining at the Golden Corral. YUMMY! Steak and eggs for breakfast! I was very good with my choices. Not one bisquit or drop of gravy. I really didn't crave it either. Next, we came home and everyone took a nap. Mine happened to be about 3 hours long. Once we got up and ate lunch, we had to clean the house as we had life group at our house that evening.

Sunday we had to wake Jackson up for church. Then we went out and got some groceries for my SIL and had lunch at her place. We left there only to run home for a couple of seconds while I grabbed the birthday gift for the party we were attending. Once home fromt he party it was off to bed for Jackson and then dinner and Big Brother for mom and dad.

So yeah, I'm ready for a slow down.

In other news, I received a phone call today from my dr. Bloodclot is gone!!!

Jackson had his 6 mos. check up. Developmentally he is ahead of at least 90% of kids his age! What momma wouldn't be proud of that?! Physically he is in the 95% for height and 60% for weight. Tall, skinny kid.

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