Wednesday, September 05, 2007


For some reason, the routine's of this household are on my mind this morning. I guess maybe it's because I'm missing a part of my morning routine. Really bad. It's amaxing to me how one minor thing can change an person's routine in a huge way. The hardest part of that is figuring out what to do to "fill in the gap" and put the part of your routine that you had to take out for one reason or another into a different part of the daily routine.

Change isn't easy for most, yet it's the only constant in life. Change with a baby is even more difficult. When the littlest member of the household gets off routine it takes a week or so to get back into one. However, for me at least, I usually don't have a week where what's routine is the same every day. It may be the same on Mondays or Thursdays, but not the whole week.

I can give Jackson credit though. When we go on vacation in 29 days and he is completly off routine, he shouldn't be too bad fussy or anything.

However, he is fussing; ready to get up. Just like his normal morning routine.


Bryan said...


"Accidentally" huh?

Thank you so much for the kind words! As -I- said when I was leaving, it means a lot to me. And I would be happy to get the whole family-- I loved you guys.


sweetsammieface said...

I <3 U