Thursday, August 30, 2007

Disney redeemed themselves

Yup...they did after yesterday. Although, it had nothing to do with yesterday.

So I'm sitting in my office checking email, etc. The phone rings. Caller ID say 407-something something.... I knew right away it was Disney. Well, the restaraunt that Dan and I were going to have a lovely just the two of us (and Jackson) dinner at is being renovated so they had to move our reservations to some place else in Disney. I was a little bummed, but not a ton as it was our chance to eat in Canada since we had to cut out that reservation earlier in the month. Luckily they had an opening for us on that Saturday's one of the hardest places in Epcot to get reservations. So I'm pretty thrilled #1 that they called and #2 we got to eat where we wanted.

But wait, there's more! The girl goes on and says that since we were inconveienced they have a little something for us. She said we're giving you VIP passes for the Illuminations that night. Not completly showing it in my voice, I'm totally excited! I was informed that there would be a cast member waiting for us around 840 to walk us to our area of seating for the 930 show!

Now not only do we have VIP passes, but for us it's a big deal as last year we missed it because we fell asleep after dinner so it was the one show that Dan and I wanted to see! YAY!

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