Thursday, September 20, 2007


No we're not moving...not yet anyway, but Jackson is. Sunday he started crawling. So far he has 2 favorite spots to crawl to and try to play. First, he enjoys the VCR (yes, we still have one) with the portible DVD player on top of it. His second favorite spot is my Mary Kay discount basket. I guess he likes the bright colors.

The thing that I really love about his age right now is he LOVES to give me kisses. Sure I have more slobber than a lick from a Saint Bernard would give me, but I love his kisses. You never know when they are coming, but he grabs my cheeks with both hands and just lays them on me.

Other than that, I've been working and getting ready for vacation. Everyday when Dan comes home from work he gives me the offical count down; both in days until we leave, but also how many more days he has to work between now and then. So what are the numbers?? 14 and 7.5 I'm so ready for this vacation. We'll be celebrating a lot while we are there: 3 birthdays, 2 anniversaries and several first-timers to Disney. Dan thinks I haven't done anything for his birthday. Little does he know that there is a cake coming out for him while we are dining with Goofy. My in-laws are also in the dark in regards to their anniversary. This year will be there 42nd one. Dinner that the Coral Reef restaraunt will be so suprising for them when the divers swim by holding a banner that says, "Happy Anniversary Grammie and Papa" I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but they aren't necessarily for public notation or day time television. Then again, Dan and I are celebrating our anniversary too....

Anyhow, Jackson and I will be off to Richmond later this afternoon. Mom to work; Jackson to chill with Aunt Neen. All should be fun!!


Sam! said...



I miss you

Pamela Joyce said...

Hey, I know you have a tracker thingy...anyway I started a new blog and I want one. Can you help please!?

I can't believe your son is crawling. I miss so much being so far away. GRRRRRRR!!!!!