Friday, September 12, 2008

An update of sorts...

Well, yes, she came home when we thought she would! My has it been a transition to have 2 small children 17 months apart. It's been great though.

Kymberlin is doing extremly well. Her dr. is VERY pleased with her growth. As of Monday she was up to 8 lbs and 10 oz. That is a growth of 15 oz. in 10 days!

I'll have more pictures to come later.

In other news:
I've been meaning to put this out there for a while. I have 3 sites that offer free things. The free offers are gift cards, savings bonds and pictures. The only thing you pay on any of them is dirt cheap shipping on the pictures. If you'd like me to send you the link for any or all of the three make a comment with your email address in it please! (If you don't want your email posted, please let me know in your comment as I moderate all comments)

Ok, so my real other news.....don't get sick if you work for a hospital! Reader's Digest version: I don't qualify for FMLA. Because I was on bedrest for 2 months before Kymberlin was born plus what would be the 6 weeks after, I no longer have a job.

Don't fret, we have found something that we are trying out to see if we can handle it as a family and I can stay home!

Ok, it's late and I really need to try and get some sleep!


Sam! said...

I miss you cousin!

Pamela Joyce said...

eeek...I'll call later for an update. And you know me free is free so send the sites my way.