Monday, September 11, 2006

I know where I you?

Five years ago today, I was in my dorm room of Palmer Hall getting ready to go to the most dreaded class ever...Honors Rhetoric. Jamie came flying through the door and said a plane hit the WTC. I thought she was joking.
Still though, I flew to my class as her charade was going to make me late.
When I got to the Case Annex, the honors lounge was packed. That was unusual.
On a typical day, there may have been 3 people at most in there. There was a tv that had been pulled in. Everyone staring at the screen not saying a word.
I watched as the second plane hit.
Then we heard it....."This is not important enough to miss class. We are still having Rhetoric."
I couldn't belive what I was hearing. Especially, as we were learning about the plane crash into the pentagon.
I went to class.....pissed. Pissed like I had never been before. I couldn't belive they thought this wasn't important enough to cancel class.
Then it hit me.
My uncle works in the WTC.
I didn't know what to think or do...I couldn't sit in class and cry. I was struggling in the class anyway, so I couldn't leave.
So I sat there....not paying attention, not doing anything, just being. I'm pretty sure most of my other classes were cancelled that day. You didn't really know until you got to the class.
Then it came time for Honors Seminar with Dr. Dave.
He said, "Stay if you want, leave if you want. It's obvious that we're not going to talk about what the syllabus says we will today. If you want to talk about this morning's events and can handle it, stay. If not, I understand and I'll see you next week."
I stayed, as did the majority of us. I don't really remember what all was discussed. I just remember being there...
As the day wore on, I was shocked that we weren't closed....especially since we were right by the army depot.
I recall phoning everyone in my family. Or at least getting ahold of them on messenger.
I'll neer forget that day.
How I felt as a lowly college freshman on a day that would change my life.....

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