Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life Happened Yesterday.

I was so excited yesterday morning to hop on, check email and write about vacation! Vacation was wonderful. However I'm going to have to wait to post about it.

So I get up early in the morning anxious to get things done and get back to "normal" life after being gone for 11 days on a much needed vacation. I go and turn on the computer when it happens. I smell something burning and then it just quits. My computer blew up on the inside. (I'm borrowing my SIL's laptop). At the same time my phone is beeping at me to charge it. So in the midst of my sobbing over the computer I start to look through the bags and suitcases from vacation. No charger appears. Also, there are 3 messages from the dr.'s office for me that I need to call about.

Once Dan is off to work, Jackson is fed and back down for a nap and I've calmed down, I get my tower and proceed to open it up. I clean out everything I can dustwise and put it all back together again. Plug it up. Nothing. So here come the tears again. I seriously did nothing but cry yesterday.

I call the dr's office. Now mind you, I told him unless it was fatal not to call before the 15th as I was going to be on vacation. He promptly wrote it on my charts. So here I am freaking out. I call. I'm on hold for 10 minutes. She gives me the news that my cholsterol is slightly higher than they want. Not a ton, just a little bit. Are you serious?!?! 3 messages for that? I about went through the phone. I let the nurse give me her spiel about diet, exercise, etc and hung up.

After Jackson's nap, we head out to run a couple of errands. I start out by taking the computer to the repair shop here in town. They moved! I didn't find that out until I had Jackson in the stroller pushing it with one hand and carrying the tower in the other while walking a block up Broadway. It's gone! A lady came out of the Laundromat to ask if I needed any help when I was 3 feet from the bus. Before the tears started, I managed to ask her where the PC repair shop had moved. Load everything back in the car and drive over there.

I finally find the shop...it took a bit as they have very little outside signage from just relocating. They help me to and in the door as there is no ramp and I'm trying to get Jackson and the computer up the steps. I explain to the guy what happens. So after talking to him, he explains that it is a minimum of $100 to fix what is wrong. Tears. I couldn't stop them, they just ran. I had no control over it. He said he'd work on it quicker than normal and call me tomorrow (today) to let me know what was wrong.

So I leave, in tears, and head to Wal-Mart to grab a couple things right quick including a new phone charger. I walk back into the electronics department where they don't have one for the Sony Ericson phone that I have. Now, I have purchased their off brand phone chargers before and the one I bought was not for the same brand of phone I had. So I take it up to the girl and ask. She asks me what kind of phone I have and I tell her Sony to which she promptly points to the label and in that condesending how dumb are you voice says, "no, it says Nokia."

I walk away and you guessed it, cry. So I go grab the couple quick groceries I need and head to the front. The lines were long so I lingered in a couple different areas for a few minutes and head back to line. The aisle next to us was getting ready to open so I start to walk over there. The lady in line in front of me grabs my cart and jerks it to a stop. Mind you Jackson is in the cart. She looks at me and goes, "Oh no you don't. I've waited for 15 minutes now and you are not going to walk in front of me." Not saying a word I just let her go in front. It wasn't worth it. She was horrible. She worked for the Southern Rose Stables....so if that is how they treat people outside of work, what are they doing to your horses?!

Since ATT is in the same area I decide to run in right quick to find a charger. He informs me that they don't have any at all....but I could try Radio Shack. Needless to say, here come the tears. So I head home as I had milk, eggs and cheese in the car and because I can't remember for the life of me where the Radio Shack in town is.

I get home. Jackson is sleeping the car. I run in put the bags in the fridge and try to calmly think of where the Radio Shack is. I remember so I head over there right quick. I take Jackson out of the car and walk him in sleeping on my shoulder. My eyes are puffy and red from crying so much. The guy in there walks over and softly asks if he can help me. I hand him my phone and am able to get out, "I need a new charger." He finds one! Finally.

So I have a new charger and no computer. I"ll see what they say when I get the phone call later.

So that's where I stand. One day I'll get to posting about Disney. Hopefully soon.


Amy said...

Ok I noticed you signed on to my blog and decided I need to check on ya! We love ya Katy!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that is from all of us. Find a way to papmper yourself today! I hope that you can get this message!

Pamela Joyce said...

Katy...you need to...heck I don't know dump the kid and the hubby and come stay at my house for a week. Is that selfish? Okay, no really your day sounds like mine only different. Maybe yesterday was like crappy day, nationwide. Hope things are looking up. I love you and miss you terribly.

Sam! said...

Those days suck!
They never seem to end and though nothing life threatening is happening...those small things REALLY add up.
I'm sorry you had such a bad day!
The next few should be better!
I can't wait to hear about Disney!!!!!