Monday, May 19, 2008

It's been a while...

Okay. So it's been more than a while. A lot has changed since I've been here last. Not really on the outside, but looking inward. Looking at myself as a woman, a wife, and a mom. Doing those things on my own, with friends I can trust, with my husband, but most importantly with God in the center of it all.

I've wanted to write for sometime now, but nothing has seemed right to put out there. I've been drawing bounderies..lots of them. Some new, some just needed to be reconstructed. Life has seemed to be better now that it has been started.

Family life is wonderful. For those few that don't know, we are adding to our family at the end of August. Once again we are waiting on the sex...and not really sharing names.

There really has been a lot going on in the past 5-6 mos. However, like I mentioned before, most of it really hasn't had the necessity to be shared as we were working through some things as individuals and a couple.

I hope to keep up least once a week anyway. No promises though.


Amber Nichole said...

another babe?!
oh katy. so excited for you.
you are due around my wedding huh? so excited for the 2 of you.

Sam! said...

I'm so excited to hear from you on the world wide web again! :D

I have decided that when I head down to Louisville to visit Bryan, that I'm gonna stop in and say hi to you and the family!!! :D

I miss you cousin