Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wow....It's Thursday.

An update in regards to my miscarriage.

The dr. finally called Friday morning. It felt like it was never going to happen. The news was that I had passed everything naturally. So, in this bad event, that was the best news I could have received.

Needless to say, it has been an emotional week. Dan and I had a come to Jesus meeting to fix somethings that had been let go on both of our sides. We really saw how each other was feeling about certain things. So that's good.

It's cold....too cold. It's weeks like this that I wish I could winter in Florida with grandma and grandpa.

So it's December 6. Christmas is almost here and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Well, I know I'm not ready for it. I'm not ready for some of the family drama. However, I'm going to be the bigger person. We're going to Cincinnati. AND staying at my dad's. So prayers would be appreciated. :)


Pamela Joyce said...

I love you for your strength, and for come to Jesus meetings. Good luck at your Dads, I'll keep you in my thoughts. Have what I would call a pretty awesome surprise for you when I come later this month. By the way my flight got changed to Thursday. I'll email you the info ASAP. I love you so much!!!!!!! Miss you...happy aproach to Christmas madness.

Pamela Joyce said...

I was like what is NCLB...then like a nut on Dumbo's head it hit me. I guess that is a problem but still, it's frustrating! I tried to call you this weekend but your cell was off. Talk to you soon.