Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is it....

I've been slacking on posting due to the craziness that goes on the two weeks prior to a wedding. Trust me it's craziness. My theme these past two weeks, "we should have eloped. It would have been cheaper and less stress."

We're leaving tonight, yeah tonight for Cincinnati. I can't believe it's finally here....and I'm not one of those who took forever to plan her wedding. I can only imagine what that's like. I'm amazed at the number of 'yes's' we've gotten back. 187. That's crazy to me. That defies the odds for the number of guests invited versus the number that actually shows up. It just blows it out of the water. Makes you feel special really.

The next time I post I'll be a married woman with a new last name. The girl in me has been practicing writing my new name. Yeah, I'm a dork. I know. It's exciting. Finally, after all the heartache, the losers, the rebounds, the dead ends I'm marrying the man I'm supposed to be with for the rest of my life. In a way though it sounds kind of scary. I mean look at it. At 23 I've picked out the man I'm going to spend the REST of my life with. It's a lot less scary now then it was at 19.

This will be my last post until we return on the 21st from our honeymoon. Both of us can't wait for a vacation. It's been along time coming.

P.S. In the end of the story with Linda. I called her Thursday and her ass of a husband had told her that I called and said I was too busy to come over and that I'd call her when I wasn't busy anymore. She said, "well I'll just call her real quick before we leave." He replies, "no, she's really busy." He then rushes her out of the house. He purposfully left her phone at their house so I couldn't call her. When they got home, he carried her daughter in the house, grabbed her phone and headed back out to the car. Linda was searching the entire house for it. While he was outside, he deleted my missed calls and voicemails to her. When he came back in, he magically knew where the phone was and when she looked....there was nothing.

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