Monday, July 16, 2007


That is definatly an accurate discription of life lately. It just seems as if every summer gets busier and busier. It never stops! Most days it's fun and exciting as I never know what the day will bring or what new thing Jackson will decide to start doing.

This past weekend was one of those busy ones of which I have been speaking.

  • weighed in with Nancy and my MIL. I lost 5.2 lbs to bring a total of 15. 6 :)
  • we all went to the mall. Of course we stopped in the Disney store. I think Dan went in 3 times that day. (he took the boys over while we were at WW)
  • had a wonderful lunch in the food court. A group of deaf families were near us and of course everyone was fascinated by the signing. Of course I was asked several times about what they were saying, etc.
  • As Dan and I were headed home, Nancy called. They came over and watched Jackson so we could go to dinner at Murray's!!! YUMMY. We were home within an hour and a half of our reservations. We weren't really sure on what else to do.
  • Slept in some.
  • Cleaned up a bit.
  • I blew up the inflatable pool for Caleb to go swimming.
  • MIL, FIL, Nancy and Caleb show up.
  • Dave and Donna show up while Caleb is swimming.
  • We nibbled a bit.
  • I received a phone call from Amby and RG as they were in stand still traffic on 75S.
  • Took the boys swimming. Yup, Jackson got in too!
  • Amby and RG finally showed up. They brought my wedding pictures!!!
  • Unfortunatly they couldn't stay very long due to their traffic fun.
  • Nancy had to leave for work. So our family minus Nancy went to dinner.
  • Everyone headed home and we looked at wedding pictures.
  • Finally we were tired of doing that so we watched a movie. It was nearly midnight before we went to bed. Dan and I hadn't done that in forever.
  • church
  • lunch at Nancy's
  • quick trip to Sam's. I can't believe how much diapers are....even on sale! We spent $150 and got 2 packages of diapers, 2 cans of formula, a thing of wipes, 1 5x7 photo and picture CD and then some Crystal Light! Lord almighty....and we want 3 more!!
  • had some family time and then just relaxed.
That was, in a nutshell, my weekend. Jackson had his first dip in the pool. What fun it was!!

I'll leave you with some pics as many have been requesting them.

Jackson with his cousins for Memorial Day.

Jackson eating for the first time. (June 25)

Jackson and Caleb in the yard. (Wednesday)

Jackson and Caleb swimming. (Saturday)

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Amber Nichole said...

awe! he is just the CUTEST! it was so great seeing you miss katy did. you seem so happy. and that my friend makes me happy. it's been a long road huh?