Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun weekend.

Before I start about the weekend I just wanted to say one thing in regards to comments. Please make the note that we are up to a count of 3 weddings for Thanksgiving.

Now onto your regualrly scheduled post. :)

We just had a great time this weekend as a family. It really doesn't get much better. Friday we spent the day out shopping. It felt like we were running all over Lexington, but hey, it was a blast. From oil change to a fill up to buying Dan a tux for the inagural ball. It was just good to spend the day together. We enjoyed lunch at BD's Mongolian Grille. YUMMY!!! Who would have thought that for $30 you could find a REALLY nice pair of tuxedo shoes to fit a size 15 foot!

Friday evening, I headed to the store for DT. It was good to be with the girls. I didn't stay too late though. Happens when you get old! ha.

Saturday we went and looked at a different tux and ended up getting it instead. It was just a better price and we couldn't pass it up. Then we just came home and napped and hung out together.

Sunday after church we hung out. About 7 my friend Athena who was moving from CA to SC came to stay with us. Oh my gosh!!! It was just a blast!! We didn't go to bed until well after midnight last night. She left this morning for her last leg of her 3 week trip. The end stop: her grandbabies! WOW! Such a journey she's taken.

Otherwise, there's not a whole lot going on around here. We're just working on getting things ready to go see my mom and grandparents and then for me to go back to work full time again.

Oh!!! P.S. a big CONGRATS goes out to Sam!!! I'm so proud of you for winning!

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Sam! said...

thanks cousin!!!

so I'm thinking that we need to plan the Bartlow-Masino dinner! :D

I don't know when you kids will be in the area, but my family will be there the 23rd. SO if you're in town, and want to have dinner...the 23 is probably the ONLY time to do it. ...actually, it IS the only time to do it!
just let me know and I'll let my family know!