Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No Baby and headed to Frankfort.

There has been a lot emotionally going on here in our little part of the world.

First off, just like the title says, there's no baby on the way. Yes, we've been "trying" to get pregnant again. Yes, I know I'm crazy. I've heard it a million times. Yes, I realize 'how close in age' they'll be. Yes, I know I've 'just lost all that weight'. I know. Really. I know.

Neither one of my doctors are worried about it at all. Not even a little bit. So, despite what you may think about how crazy I am, it's okay. And to be perfectly honest, I really don't want to hear how crazy I am any more.
It's what we want.
Thank you. :)

Moving on from that soapbox....

Frankfort. No, we're not moving. My job is though. Having a new govenor elect means a new position for me. Don't worry, I'm not leaving Mary Kay; it's just going to be a sidebar for the time being. My new adventure??

Chief of Staff!!! Yes siree bob, I'm going to be the cheif of staff for one of the cabinet positions. I can't quite disclose which one at this point, but I have been in contact with the person for whom I'll be chief of staff. You don't just get this opportunity; especially when you are 24. So yeah, I'm a slight bit excited.

My family, that knows, is so proud of me. Heck, I am too. It's just a super opportunity.

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Sam! said...

I can't wait to hear all about it cousinface!!!

I miss you!