Friday, May 12, 2006

Hope I don't jinx myself....

So far so planning is going great. We got an AWESOME gift from my mom the other night. She's setting up an account for wedding stuff and is putting 5K in it!!! I just started to cry when she told me. As far as the other things go:
  • we have the church booked
  • I'm ordering my dress this weekend as I have it all picked out,
  • invitations are pretty much done
  • photographer is scheduled (thanks Amby!!!)
  • cake maker is picked
  • florist is picked (just need to go and make final decisions as to what we want)
  • Honeymoon destination picked...actually, it's what helped determine our wedding date.

Things are well on their way. I went to see my "brother" the other day and he was starting to ask if I could pull off a wedding in 5 months......Then he goes, "What am I asking....If anyone can pull off a wedding in 5 months it's you!" So that's what I've been busy doing.....pulling together a wedding in 5 months.

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nicole m said...

how many in the wedding party? write me!