Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's sinking in....

Of course it's not like I didn't know I was getting married, but come on! Things are really starting to sink in. NonRefundable deposits are being made, details with the pastor at church and how the ceremony will go are in the works, registries are almost complete. It's not that we didn't know we were getting married, but it just seems to be sinking in a bit more and things are becoming a reality as it gets closer. Sure we have 4.5 months until the wedding. Yes, we have a lot done, but somehow at the same time it doesn't feel like enough granted I'll get it all worries there.

Last night we worked on our Registry at one store. Tonight it's the other. Why 2 stores?? Well, we didn't find everything we liked at one store. Another one of the stores where we did find almost everything (or at least I did) is too expensive for our taste. The two stores we are looking at are EVERYWHERE and you can order online from them. It just seemed right. Plus that way we are able to price match between the two and make sure everyone is getting a good deal for their money.

Not too much other than house cleaning and wedding planning today. I guess that's enough though!!!

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