Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Proposal

Ok OK OK.....So D and I may have done things a little bit backwards, but we had to in order to be able to tell our parents and get the ball rolling on the wedding planning. D officially proposed to me on Sunday.

Saturday we had plans to go to the jewelry store. We went....I tried on what seemed like hundreds of rings and combinations. Everytime I tried one on I asked him, "what do you think?" (knowing full well he wasn't going to answer) After a while I asked him if he wanted me to leave...and I did....went shopping at a couple of the stores in the same place. He came home with the rings that day! It killed me to know they were in the house. We actually came home to clean out the garage (so we can fit 2 cars in the 2 car garage!) and he just put them inside the door so they'd be out of the way. When I opened the door he said to me, "Look at them and you don't get them." Man that's hard to take!

Sunday after church and running around with his sister and nephew I was exhasuted. He told me to go ahead and lay down for a nap because he was going to go out and get some gas and go to the grocery store. I knew he wasn't going to the grocery store...he HATES going grocery shopping by himself. PLus, he left the list on the table. Knowing him, and the fact he's got a horrible poker face, I knew he was up to something regarding the rings. Well, I was watching a movie and fell asleep.I half woke up when I heard him come home, but I didn't open my eyes or anything. A few minutes later he asks, "Do you want some ice cream?" I reply, "no." The stinker had driven all the way to Lexington to get us pints of Greater's ice cream as that's where we had our very first date. Well then after some quick thinking, he comes over to the side of the counch where I'm still half asleep. He looks at me and says, "Well you may not want any ice cream, but I think you might want this." I roll over and there he is on one knee in front of me with a pint of Greater's ice cream, spoon in the ice cream standing up and my ring around the spoon. He then looks at me and says, "so, will you marry me?" I said, "You betcha!" And the rest as they say is history.

Yesterday I took my rings to be sized....4 weeks!!!!! UGH!!! I'm SO bummed out that they will be gone for 4 weeks.

OH! You are probably wondering what they look like.... My engagement ring is a colorless, round diamond in a white gold cathedral setting. My wedding band is so cool and different! My engagement ring actually "snaps" into the center of it. Both sides are the same. On either side of the center are chanel set diamonds and then in the center is a heart that has a little bit of a yellow gold "ribbon" coming off of it. Otherwise the rest of the ring is white gold as well.

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Erin said...

Hey Katy,
It's Erin from Reading Bridal Outlet...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exctied you must be. SO,when are you going to come in and try on dresses? Call me and let me know what I can do to help.

Can't wait to hear from you.