Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's today???

I love a long weekend.....everyone does. I love them for the reason though that it means D is home!! This long weekend we went up to Cleveland where he grew up! It was a lot of fun. His sister and nephew that live down here did too. We had a 3rd bday party for Caleb, I saw the smallest parade in my life, met my other sister-in-law and her family, hand lots of laughs and got some news about a rockin' wedding gift his parents are giving us.....A NEW BED!!!!!

The only problem with a long weekend is that it throws me off schedule and it takes me a couple days before I figure out what day it is. It's even more difficult b.c I don't have a "traditional" day job. It's all good though.

I'm seriously hoping the jewlry store calls and has my rings back today. I'm missing my engagement ring. I keep teasing D that I think I remember what it looks like.... Also, I got a couple more things set for the wedding yesterday. Invitations are ordered and DJ is booked. Rock on! With the exception of flowers and finishing up discusions with the photographer (my wonderful friend Amby)the big pieces are pretty much done!! YAY!

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Amber said...

congrats on the new bed chick! whoo hoo!