Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fried Chicken

As I was leaving work today, my mom called me and told me she was over at grandma and grandpa's and that I should just go over there. It was a great time...we played games, ate dinner, and just laughed all night. Well, mom had told this joke about KFC and that's what we all wanted for dinner. So I go to pick it up. Here's what happened:

Me: Can I have the Hillary special please?
Manager: I'm not sure about that special...what is it?
Me: You know, 2 big thighs, a small breast and a far left wing.
Manager: I've been in the chicken business for some time now and have never heard that one. I'm going to use that at my next manager's meeting.

Well, I came home and told them that I said it....they all died laughing because they didn't actually think I would.

Anyway, the rest of work was still slow. I shopped a little bit, nothing major. Oh well.

Haven't heard from Randall yet today. He's either sleeping or at his grandparents....absense really does make the heart grow fonder. Anyway, I'm out for a while. Catch yall later.

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