Wednesday, June 22, 2005

To call or not to call?

What do you do when the man you love is sick?! You go home early from your weekend together. The last time you talk to him is Saturday night. You've called each day since then. It is now Wednesday morning and you've not heard from him. You know he's got class tonight. Is he going? Is he not going? Is he really sick still? Is he ok? You're worried. Things start running through your head. Things that are probably not true, but you always think about the worst. I just love him so much. I know he loves me. I just wish that even if he didn't want to talk or be bothered since he's sick that he'd leave me a message saying that he was ok. He told me that when he's sick he doesn't like people to be around him. That I can handle. I don't like the change of going from talking several times a day for hours to contact whatsoever. I guess it's the mom in me or the fact that I just love him and I don't want anything to happen to him. I know by no means am I superwoman, but hell, I sure give her a run for her money. What should I do? Do I call? Do I not call? What do I do to pass the time so that I don't worry?

Heh, quick story from VBS last night. So I'm teaching third favorite age...right?! Well, last night one of my girls calls another one of my girls an "annoying bitch". Yup folks, you read that right....right there in the middle of church! Whew, I think it's a good thing that I'm not going to be there tonight or tomorrow night.

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