Saturday, June 25, 2005

In the words of Cinderella....

"so this is love" I have the best man in the world...sorry ladies, he's all mine! Tonight I was watching Harry Potter. He's having cable "issues" right now so he's been watching DVD's for like the past week. Not that it's really all that much of a problem since he's got like 300. Anyway, he asked me which one I was watching...I told thing I hear is Harry Potter in the background. Then he goes what part are you at? I told him and he found where I was so he could watch the movie with me. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, otherwise, I'd be down there watching a movie with him. ;) That's just one example at one point in time today of the reason he's the best!

In other news, my Mary Kay business is starting to take off! I'm SO excited and pumped about doing this. Randall is pretty much supportive of it all, especially if I start making the big bucks that my "go-getter" life style will bring on! I'm actually having a party tomorrow night, well I guess it's tonight at my house. Let me know if you want to come! If nothing else, it's a free facial! Ok, back to the business site...I'm SO ready to get going with this and earn my first goal is to have it by Jan. 1!!!

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