Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ahhh, Life

So yeah....I picked up D on Sunday afternoon after both of us missing each other terribly. We ran some errands: picked up paint and necessities for the bedroom, groceries and then because neither of us felt like cooking we picked up some dinner. It was a great evening together just doing the normal "routine" and things that needed to be done. We ate dinner, cut the grass, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and finished preparing the bedroom walls to be painted.

Yesterday while he was working, I worked as well. Got several appointments booked, had a conference call, all good things. After I had fixed dinner and cleaned up, it was time to paint the walls. Now believe me I loved the color as we were picking it out and everything, but as it started to dry on the wall it seemed a LOT darker. Well as it became drier and on all four walls, I liked it more and more. This morning, I looked in the room as I headed to the bathroom to shower....it was BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the color of the room!!! It's magnificent!! Since the blinds are still down, the sunlight was just pouring in and lit up the room. I can't wait until that's OUR bedroom!

Today is spent working and tutoring (I'm in between appointments) and then watching his nephew and cleaning up as his family will be at the house Thursday night.

Have a great one!! I'll catch ya on the flip side!

P.S. I checked my appointment book that was left open last night and when I looked at today to double check who I had coming over it said, "I love you Katy - D" How sweet is that?!

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