Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!!!!

What a great weekend!!!! I spent the weekend at D's house in Georgetown. It was spent being together and with his family. Funny thing was his nephew, who will be 3 in June, came over at one point in time. They were asking where him where everyone in the family lived and they asked him where I lived. He answered, "D's house." Well, while the answer is no....not yet, that will be changing sometime this year.

He and I had a great Easter together. Friday we spent a good part of the day with his mom, dad, sister, nephew, brother and sister-in-law. Saturday was mostly the two of us. We ran errands, procrastinated finishing getting the bedroom ready to paint, went to church and then ate dinner with the family. Today we drove to Louisville to hear his sister-in-law sing at church. Then we all went over to her sister's house for Easter lunch. What a blast we all had!!

I'm so totally happy I can't stand it!

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