Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy...a good busy

So I realized it's been a week since I've updated....craziness. I've been working and spending time with friends that I haven't had the chance to hang out with in a while. Saturday morning at 10am I get a phone call from my girl Lacey who was getting married the next day. She says (in a freaking out way), "Katy what time are you coming to Louisville tomorrow??? My make up artist and her son, who is the ring bearer, are puking their guts out. Will you PLEASE come do my make up??"
My answer without hesitation is of course. Hell, I set these guys up, I wouldn't miss the wedding, let alone not help her out! After the time change, I get up at 7 so I can leave by 8. Let me tell you how I'm at her hair salon by that's moving it. It was a great wedding. I have some pics!!

Before I get to the pics though, I must talk about Jason, the groom. He and I are relativly close. I don't know how many times he got emotional on me and thanked me for being there. At one point in time he asked me to dance while dancing he says to me, "Katja (what he calls me for some wierd reason that I don't remember) thank you so much for coming today. ( I reassure him that it didn't matter where the wedding was, I wouldn't have missed it) You've turned my life around by placing Lacey in it and I can't even imagine my life with her. Thank you so much." Being the girl I am, I tell him he'd better stop or I'm going to start crying....secretly knowing that he was about to as well. are some pics.
Lacey pulling me aside before the wedding to tell me the BIG secret...."I wish I would have placed money on that. I KNEW it!" was my reply when she tells me that they were already married!!!!

Nothing like a good fish face while they are taking pictures!!!

The Best Man speech: " Jason and Lacey congratulations. We are all so happy for you. And one more thing: My all your ups and downs and ins and outs only be between the sheets.

I have bunches of others, but this is enough for now!!

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