Friday, April 21, 2006

I miss him....

Tonight D took off work early do go on a post-grad retreat with church that he had signed up for before we started our relationship. I honestly had considered going myself, but never actually did anything other than think about it for about 2 seconds. Well, I knew we were going to be pressed for time so I got to the house before he got off work. Little did he know I was going to be there starting dinner so he could finish up the things he needed to do before leaving for the weekend.

So cute....when he opened the door he says, "honey I'm home...I just wanted to see what that felt like to say."

Anyway, I dropped him off at church before they left for the retreat that was more difficult than I had anticipated....for the both of us. Once he got his things into the car he'd be riding in, he came back to give me a hug, several kisses and to tell me he loves me.

I didn't shed any tears (rare for me) but I came close.

Tomorrow I have a facial and then I'm headed up to G-town. I'll prolly go out with D's sister and hang out or something. If I go up there, I'll just stay at the'll be kind of lonely, but I'll manage.

See yall later!!

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