Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gifts from the heart.

The other night I got to the house and dinner was ready. MMM...Chicken Parmesean. D walked into the laundry room. I'm thinking he is going and switching loads that we had put in the night before. He comes out with these:
I'd NEVER gotten flowers in my life (from a guy) before. He did it 'just becuase.' I hadn't mentioned anything about it before.

Last night while we were sanding and preparing the bedroom walls to be painted, he was out in the kitchen looking for something. I was SO confused as to what it was. I tried asking him, in case it was something that I had moved, and he wouldn't say so I dropped it and went back to work. He comes into the bedroom and hands me this:
This was a big deal. He'd told me before that he'd never give anyone a key to the house until he married her. (with good reason I don't blame him at all)

We both keep little tricks up our sleeves which I love. Yesterday morning I snuck a love note and some of his favorite candy in his lunch box while he was in the shower. This morning he comes in to the room where I'm sleeping as he's ready to leave for work to kiss me goodbye. It's the little things that of my key phrases. However, not only the little things, but the big things we have in common too! It's just right!!!

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