Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blast from the Past

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day at my dad's house going through things that are mine both in his basement and what used to be my room. WOW....I never knew that in 23 years someone could accumulate so much random crap....not to mention breaking the chunk of it down to just the past 5 years when I was in college. I found some great well as some not so great memories

I found:
  • old tapes - New Kids On the Block, MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Rainbow Brite Christmas
  • My gameboy....and the games
  • various items from various trips
  • clothes I had forgotten about
  • notes....handwritten, snail mailed notes
  • old emails

Now it's the notes and emails that really get me. Back in September of 02 I was talking to this wonderful guy, Neil Soto. Right as Neil and I were starting to have feeligns for each other, Alex walked into my life. Due to the immense feelings that I had for Alex, I abruptly ended things with Neil. DUMB KATY! Why is that so dumb?? Well, I found the letters that Neil had written me. He's an artist so there were drawings in there with them. I found the pictures he had sent me. As well as the poetry he had written for me. Here's one of the poems:


There is no place

Deep inside my heart

No one knows but me

So full of light

It burns with love

There an angel waits

Her wings are soft

And white as snow

They hold me in their warmth

Her gentle arms

Brush tears away

As I look up

Deep in her eyes

I know

We have met someplace before

In a dream

Or in heaven

For I know

We have found each other

And true love once again

He then added this note at the end: For you Katy, may your heart shine bright as all the stars in the sky.

This got me curious....curious as to what he's up to, and what else I might find. Well, I found the proof that I had that Alex was cheating on me. I found the emails that I had printed off from his email account. Ironically, after his failed marriage, it has been brought to my attention that he is dating that same woman currently. *As a sidenote, he gave me the password for that long before I ever started checking anything....he started acting funny, so I persued my gut feeling and checked. I just didn't want to believe it.*

That was not the end of my curiosity though. I was still curious as to how Neil was and what he was doing. So I happened to have his email address still (I for some reason just couldn't delete it). Yep, I emailed him. I waited for the email to be sent back saying it was an old email and didn't work. It never got sent yahoo. When I checked my email this morning, I had a reply. He was glad to hear from me, still has the letters and things that I sent him as well, and he is engaged now. I'm happy for him!!

My blast from the past was fun. I threw plenty of just garbage away, have several things to consign and even some things that are going to make their way to the apartment when I head back.

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